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Do you use a source checklist in your genealogy research? I have to admit that it has been YEARS since I used such a tool. However, when I first started researching my family, those checklists served as my guide.

A quick Google search for genealogy checklists led me to several resources:

While I feel like my research efforts have included a wide variety of sources, a statement on the Family Tree Magazine site caught my attention.

Think you’ve hit a brick wall? Don’t assume you’re stuck yet — use this rundown of record types to guide you to other records you haven’t checked.

Perhaps I need to create a checklist for my Crawford brick wall research!

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  1. Yes, I have made a couple, amending those I’ve found online that generally focus on American sources. Mine are mostly British and Canadian…I can keep most of the info in my head now, but do refer to them from time to time. That said, I’ve been meaning to watch Connie’s recent video – must do so soon!

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