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Saturday Tidbits

continued from last week

List Nemaha Serial Numbers for the Draft

Over 1600 names are in the County Roll

A Master List Will Be Chosen in Washington, D.C.
Tuesday to Determine Order in Which Local
Numbers Will Be Called

The Courier-Tribune prints today a list of names and numbers important to almost every home in Nemaha county. It is the list of men between ages of 21 and 36 who enrolled on Wednesday, October 16th, for possible service to their country, and with each man’s name, the county serial number which has been drawn for him by the local draft board.
The arrangement is by number rather than by names because numbers will be the important thing next Tuesday, October 29th, when a master list is to be drawn at Washington, D.C. to determine the order in which local numbers will be called. President Roosevelt will draw the first number.

The local drawing and listing was completed Tuesday except perhaps for a few straggling cards. The board officially posted the list yesterday and sent a copy to state headquarters. The Sabetha Herald and Courier-Tribune joined in setting the large amoung of type necessary and the list is printed in the two papers. TO avoid running the type to still greater length, a key system is sued to abbreviate names of towns. Where two letters make the name of the town clear, only two are used. Seneca becomes Se; Sabetha Sa; Corning Co; Centralia Ce; Goff GO; Wetmore We; and Baileyville, Bern, Kelly, Havensville, Soldier, Pawnee, Axtell and other points are similarly abbreviated. Oneida and ONaga addresses required the use of Onei and Ona. The Nemaha County list follows:

101 George Randell, Jr On
102 Earl Walter Parli Sa
103 Edward Ralph Flaherty Ha
104 Raymond Eldrid Noland Ce
105 Harvey Elmer Hittle Sa
106 William Jennings Knapp Se
107 Melvin Lester Deaver Sa
108 Lloyd W. Frederickson Co
109 Albert Francis Olberding Se
110 Alfred H. Stallbaumer Se
111 Albert John Ronnebaum Se
112 Aloysius August Steinlage Co
113 Reuben Jacob Bauman Be
114 Raymond Hudson Weaver We
115 Lawrence John Haug Ba
116 Alphonse Joseph Holthaus Se
117 Glenn Emmett Miller Ce
118 Lester Eugene Gutknecht Sa
119 William Herbert Dandliker Sa
120 Lawrence Joseph Schmidt Sa
121 Ferdinand Henry Niehues Go
122 Robert John Haug Ve
123 Joseph Andrew Baker Sa
124 Glenn Wilbur Labbe Ona
125 James Patric O’Toole Ax
126 Lee William Henry Sa
127 Charles Herbert Smith We
128 Emmett Thackeray Dodson Se
129 Henry August Runnebaum Go
130 Vincent August Buessing Ax
131 Raymond Lenord Sweet Co
132 Leon John Korber Be
133 Ross Edgar George We
134 Ralph Benjamin Ward Ce
135 Max Elvin Gutknecht Sa
136 Raymond A Ronnebaum Se
137 Albertle Thorne Miller Sa
138 Arthur R Hartter Sa
139 Thomas Morse Reed Ci
140 Lawrence Elvin Watkins So
141 Charles Edward Cummins On
142 Edward John Vogel Se
143 Edward Martin Boeding Se
144 Delbert Anthony Stowell Ve
145 Raymond Clarence Shaffer So
146 Moses Edelman Sa
147 Donald Charles Wood Sa
148 Anthony Aloyoius Deters Ba
149 Frank Gehard Tappehorn Ke
150 Mirl Herman Bontrager Sa