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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Hey genea-folks, 

it’s Saturday Night again, 

 time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  This SNGF is based on the 100 Word Challenge (https://100wc.net/) that school children are participating in around the world.  They are given a word or phrase to write a story about in one hundred words.

2)  Write a short 100 word story using the phrase “,,,an ancestor I would like to meet…” in 100 words. Why would you like to meet him/her?

3)  Share the story with all of us by writing your own blog post, writing a comment on the Genea-Musings blog or put it in a Facebook post.

An ancestor I would like to meet my 6th great grandfather: Hendrick (Henry) Banta. Hendrick and his first wife, Rachel DeMarest Brouwer were the parents of 8 children. Hendrick and his second wife, Antjin Demarest were the parents of 13 children. During his life, Hendrick moved westward from Bergen County to Somerset County and then to Conewago, PA. About 1780, Henry Banta was a member of the Low Dutch Colony that settled near Boonesborough, Kentucky. I would like to ask Henry about his Dutch ancestry and how he is related to the other members of Conewago and Low Dutch colonies.

Low Dutch Settlement


Low Dutch (articles found in Gettysburg Times and other newspapers)

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