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Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
24 Oct 1940

List Nemaha Serial Numbers for the Draft

Over 1600 names are in the County Roll

A Master List Will Be Chosen in Washington, D.C.
Tuesday to Determine Order in Which Local
Numbers Will Be Called

The Courier-Tribune prints today a list of names and numbers important to almost every home in Nemaha county. It is the list of men between ages of 21 and 36 who enrolled on Wednesday, October 16th, for possible service to their country, and with each man’s name, the county serial number which has been drawn for him by the local draft board.
The arrangement is by number rather than by names because numbers will be the important thing next Tuesday, October 29th, when a master list is to be drawn at Washington, D.C. to determine the order in which local numbers will be called. President Roosevelt will draw the first number.

The local drawing and listing was completed Tuesday except perhaps for a few straggling cards. The board officially posted the list yesterday and sent a copy to state headquarters. The Sabetha Herald and Courier-Tribune joined in setting the large amount of type necessary and the list is printed in the two papers. TO avoid ruining the type to still greater length, a key system is sued to abbreviate names of towns. Where two letters make the name of the town clear, only two are used. Seneca becomes Se; Sabetha Sa; Corning Co; Centralia Ce; Goff GO; Wetmore We; and Baileyville, Bern, Kelly, Havensville, Soldier, Pawnee, Axtell and other points are similarly abbreviated. Oneida and Onaga addresses required the use of Onei and Ona. The Nemaha County list follows:

continued from last Saturday

601 Charles David Lakin Sa
602 Joseph William Koch Ba
603 Norbert A. Stallbaumer Se
604 Donald Poe Dittemore Se
605 Vincent Francis Wietharn Se
606 Dale Wendell Bryan Ce
607 John Julius Reinhardt Sa
608 George Fredrick Alley Sa
609 Louis Ross Warfel Sa
610 Leo Lucas Ce
611 Delmas Irvel Nusbaum Be
612 Roy Yens Gustin Ce
613 Raphael Howard Sneed Se
614 Charles Joseph McVey Sa
615 Robert Burns Van Meter Co
616 Paul Leonard Winkler Se
617 William Arthur Mincher Sa
618 Marvel Quent’n Brikworth Sa
619 Melvin B. Stallbaumer Se
620 Walter Edward Vernon Co
621 Adrian Joseph Stallbaumer Se
622 James Frank Wilson Co
623 George Donald White Ce
624 Francis Leo Sauer Se
625 Sylvester Joseph Wietharn Ba
626 Arthur Merle Usher Se
627 James Edward Sheik Be
628 Marvin Mefford Brammer Go
629 Leo Henry Buessing Ax
630 Francis Keith Darr Ce
631 August Kramer, Jr Se
632 George Michael Ordinovich Se
633 Lester Merle Alderfer Sa
634 Arthur John Beyer Sa
635 Harry Harlan Mosier Se
636 Milburn Burton Stout Ce
637 William John Andres On
638 Wilbur Paul Roever Sa
639 Norman Stauffer Be
640 Gerald Frederick Summers Sa
641 Nathan Leonard Allison Se
642 Roscoe George Smith Sa
643 David Edelman Sa
644 Henry Alvin Warren Sa
645 Reuben Rudolph Locher On
646 Harold Wayne Hodges Se
647 Francis Bernard Wietharn Ba
648 Neal Lawrence Sawyer Sa
649 George Walter Stuke Se
650 Duane David Cody Go

To be continued