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About Me

Welcome to Heartland Genealogy! Since my family has been in Kansas for several generations, I am truly a product of the Heartland. Genealogy is my hobby. When websites were in their infancy, I created a site to share my research. Since every website needed a name, I named that site, ‘Heartland Genealogy’. Over the years, the ways that I’ve freely shared my research have evolved. But one thing has remained – the name ‘Heartland Genealogy’

Below is a list of my 2nd great grandfathers and their Kansas connections.

  • Briles, Alexander – Coffey County, Kansas
  • Washington Marion Crawford – Ford County, Kansas
  • Currey, Hiram – Leavenworth County, Kansas
  • Hammond, Richmond Fisk – Ford County, Kansas
  • Hutchinson, Albert – Doniphan County, Kansas
  • Mentzer, George – Woodson County, Kansas
  • Ricketts, James Marshall – Woodson County, Kansas
  • Wells, Thurston Kennedy – Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas

This site is an attempt to resurrect my site on RootsWeb (currently offline). I will also post projects as I get them accomplished.

Prior to 2015, I used The Master Genealogist (TMG) to record my work. Along with TMG, I used John Cardinal’s Second Site software to publish my genealogy data online. The Wayback machine captured my 2014 Heartland Genealogy site. Since TMG ceased support, I investigated various software options. Even though I didn’t found a solution that provides the same level of customization provided by TMG, I elected to switch to RootsMagic.

Due to that switch, I am in the process of syncing my research with Family Search. On FamilySearch, my grandfathers are Leon Crawford (LDQQ-PVCC) and Edward Osmund Briles (LWYR-98X).

Some of my data is also on Ancestry.com — Heartland Genealogy.

Since RootsMagic will publish my genealogy data online for free, I have elected to use their tool instead of purchasing space to host it online. My Heartland Genealogy RootsMagic data

I am trying to record some of the family stories in my blog and write about my genealogy experiences in a blog. Much of those writings were posted on this Heartland Genealogy WordPress blog. However, I had switched to Blogger but am switching back due to changes in the Blogger editor. Since I have quite a few CRAWFORD posts on my Heartland Genealgoy Blogger site, please check it out. I also have a website, Heartland Genealogy (of course), where I have resurrected some of my old sites.

My Twitter handle is @mcphilbrick. I include my maiden name on Facebook: Marcia Crawford Philbrick.

Marcia Philbrick
Seneca, Kansas

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Marcia,

    Regarding Albert J Hutchinson who married Julia Harding (and also Eliza Valkenburgh), I did confirm that Cynthia Hutchinson Finch, sister of Aaron Hutchinson, possibly took care of Albert and that is why he’s on the census with Ephraim Finch and Cynthia Hutchinson Finch.

    Aaron Hutchinson did marry Sarah Merry, b. Abt 1812.

    We’re you able to confirm that Whiting Merry and Elizabeth Peabody are her parents.


    Lyndsey (born Hutchinson)

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