Finally! CRAWFORD hint on We’re Related App

I’ve gotten so that I don’t regularly check the ‘We-re Related‘ app since it usually points to the same few New England lines in my tree. I’m currently, not working on those lines and thus haven’t spent any time to determine whether the hints provided will help.

So when I opened the app yesterday and saw that I may be related to Alec Baldwin, I thought OK, which New England line will it be this time. To may amazement, it was my CRAWFORD line. Having been able to locate sources to prove the next generation on a couple of other We’re Related hints, I was SO HOPING the same would be true  with my CRAWFORD line. Below is the proposed line(s).

img_7370img_7371The image on the right is for my line and the image on the left is for Alec Baldwin’s line.

When I first looked at it, I only looked at my side and was disappointed.

  • unnamed Crawford as the father of my James
  • more James and John’s to sort out

Then, I looked at his line and started comparing the two. That’s when I realized that it was proposing that Janett Thomson had TWO sons named John Crawford — born three years apart. This wasn’t unusual if the first son died. But no, they both live long enough to get married and have offspring.

Since the app doesn’t provide any other information about the line — such as places or spouses names, it is hard to determine if anyone else has a tree that agrees with what the app is proposing. Since Ancestry trees weren’t much help, I turned to Family Search.

On Family Search, I found an Archibald Crawford (KLBT-3N1) that matched the Archibald Crawford in Alec Baldwin’s line. According to Family Search, this Archibald Crawford was the son of John Crawford (LC55-44P) and grandson of Janett Thomson and Robert Crawford (L5B1-L8Y). That’s where it gets messy! The family of Robert and Janett shows 10 children with 3 of them being named John, 2 named William and 2 named Robert. (See any issues here?)

So what about my side? Family Search shows a son of Robert & Janett named John who died in 1736. However, FS shows this John Crawford  (LHZG-Y9W) being born in 1701. Based on the number of wives associated with John Crawford (LHZG-Y9W), it is likely that more than one John Crawford is involved. Thus, not much help. (:

Going back to Robert Crawford (L5B1-L8Y), FS also shows him married to Mary Shaw (L5B1-P2Z). According to FS, this couple had 4 children: James, Robert, Col. William and Col. John  (L8WG-7DQ). Although I haven’t found the documentation to support it, other researchers have connected several Crawford families from Lincoln and Madison Counties, Kentucky prior to 1790 to Col. John Crawford (L8WG-7DQ) and believe he is the son of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Crawford.

At this point, I have not found anything to support or disprove the Crawford ancestors proposed by the We’re Related app. For now, my line is a dead-end with James Crawford in the 1790s in Kentucky.


Hutchinson / Merry Ties

We’re Related Potential Success

img_7007img_7008img_7009According to the We’re Related app from Ancestry, I am related to Winston Churchill (7th Cousin 4x Removed).

Our common ancestor is Elizabeth Pye (1579-1638) — but it takes me 11 generations to get to Elizabeth. According to Ancestry, my ancestor, Albert Hutchinson is the son of Sarah Merry. If I can verify this relationship, it would extend my tree a generation and add the MERRY surname.

Currently, I am stuck on Albert Hutchinson. Albert Hutchinson married Julia Harding in 1859 in Black Hawk County, Iowa. According to his military record, Albert was born about 1838 in Northhampton, Fulton County, New York. Albert consistently appears in census records starting in 1860 thru 1895 in Iowa, Missouri and then Kansas. However, neither potential parents or brothers have been found in these records.



An Albert Hutchinson was found in the 1850 census living in Wheatland, Monroe County, New York. A 14 year old male born in New York identified as Albert Hutchinson was listed in the household of Ephraim Finch and his wife Cynthia. (Ancestry – Year: 1850; Census Place: Wheatland, Monroe, New York; Roll: M432_528; Page: 240A; Image: 207)



According to Find A Grave, Cynthia Hutchinson Finch (#14430101) was the daughter of Aaron and Hannah (Nettleton) Hutchinson and sister of the Aaron Hutchinson who married Sarah Merry. If the 14 year old Albert Hutchinson was the son of Aaron and Sarah (Merry) Hutchinson, then Ephraim and Cynthia (Hutchinson) Finch would be his aunt and uncle.

A lot of additional research will be needed to verify the relationship between the 14 year old Albert Hutchinson and Cynthia Finch and to verify that the 14 year old Albert Hutchinson migrated to Iowa where he married Julia Harding. However, this hint provided by the We’re Related app is definitely worth pursuing.