Crawford Bible

Do you have Bible records in your files? Are you excited when you run across mention of a family Bible? I was excited when I found a family story attached to William Crawford (1748-1809) that indicates it is from a family Bible.

The person who posted the story indicates the transcription came from a post on

Thus, I tried to find the original post and what I hoped to be the Bible record. My initial searches were not successful. However, after looking carefully at the story, I realized that it was the combination of two different posts. The second part of the story provided the subject of the post.

Using the subject, I was able to locate the post.

Reading that post helped me realize that the information was not from a Bible record but from someone’s research.

Since I couldn’t find the first part of the story in the forum, I tried to see if Google would help. And, I found the Bible information, including images, in a 1979 issue of The Arkansas Family Historian!

The Arkansas Family Historian
Volume 17, No. 3
July/Aug/Sept 1979

page 183
Crawford / Francis / Zachray query by Ina D. (Ashton) Breitenbach

Ina D. (Ashton) Breitenbach, P.O. Box 1417, Placerville, CA
95667 – By oral tradition, 1 understand the CRAWFORDS descended
from the James CRAWFORD family, Union Co., North Carolina,
migrated through Kentucky to South East Missouri, on to Ark.,
and to Texas.
James CRAWFORD’S son William was born about 1750, William’s
son Robert H. CRAWFORD was born in 1783.

Robert H. CRAWFORD married Elizabeth FRANCIS of Kentucky in 1809. Robert H. CRAWFORD and Elizabeth had three sons,
John Francis CRAWFORD, b. 1810, Missouri;
James and

Robert H. did not have any daughters.

John Francis CRAWFORD married Almira ZACHRAY in 1837. Almira ZACHRAY was the daughter of Caleb ZACHRAY of Davidson Co., TN. Caleb ZACHRAY was in the War of 1812, (National Archive.
does not have a file on Caleb ZACHRAY). 1 have two verifications of Caleb
ZACHRAY’S service.
If anyone is working on the above families, I will appreciate sharing information. (Watch out for the spelling of ZACHRAY as it is spelled incorrectly many times).

My Great grandfather, John Francis CRAWFORD misspelled ZACHRAY on the
Bible Record.
The records I have from Tennessee are misspelled on the Census sheet.
In the book entitled “Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee” ZACHRAY
is spelled correctly, also 1 have a list of 1812 veterans from the D.A.R.
in Washington, D. C. and the name is spelled correctly

Bible Images followed query

Layfayette Crawford [?] October 14th 1838
B. A. Crawford was born January 21st 1840
E. F. Crawford was born July 31st 1842
A. J. and A. N. Crawford was born December 26th A.D. 1844
Robert H. Crawford was born December 31st A.D. 1846
Malinda F. Crawford February 28th 1849
Marie Antoinette Crawford was born October 25th A.D. 1850
William [H.] Crawford was born December 1[8]th AD 1853

Births Column 2
Sarah Ann Crawford was born December 16th AD 1853
Eugein[ar] Crawford was born December 21st AD 185[5]
Sophronia Belle Crawford was born December 23rd 185[9]
John F. Crawford was born September 5th 1864

page 184
Crawford Bible Records (con’t page 2)

J. F. Crawford was born May 24th AD 1810
and was married
August 1st A.D. 1837
and died April
the 8 1893

Almira[s] Zachry was
bron October 25th AD 1818
and was married
August 1st A.D. 1837
Almira Crawford
January 2[3] A.D. 1873

While some of the information in the story is similar to a family tree, it was worth the time to locate the images from the Bible. Now to just prove that this line connects to my Garrard County, KY Crawford families.

Friday Findings

Crandall Bible

While searching for information on my Hutchinson / Harding lines at the genealogy library hosted by the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society in St. Joseph, Missouri, I ran across a family Bible containing CRANDALL Bible records. Since Salome Crandall is one of my 2nd great grandmothers, I took pictures of the family information in the Bible.

Below is a transcription of those pages followed by the images.

The Comprehensive Bible
The Old and New Testaments
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., unknown date

Found at the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society Library in St. Joseph, Missosuri

Bible Donated by Virginia Bettis, St. Joseph, MO
to be kept in Gen. Library

John Browning to Mary Davis February 28th 1863
John Browning to Eunice Williams Augt 3rd 1[7]77
John Crandall to Mary Browning February 1803
Edwin Carter to Samantha Crandall Oct 15 1829
Lucian E Carter to Eliza Griffith Overall April 27 1870
David Dibbell married to Eunice Emily Carter Feby 27 1824
Lucian E Carter to Eliza G Overall April 27th 1870
George C Carter to Louisa Downer Februy 7 1872
Eldred E Carter to Lulu N R Ashley December 11, 1878

Back of Marriages Page
Edwin Carter born March 18 1805
Samantha Crandall born April 3rd 1807
George Crandall Carter born Thursday December 1 1831
Lucian Edwin Carter born April 25 1836
Mary Eliza Carter born Tuesday August 14 1838
Farnham [Parmaler] Carter born born July 30 1842
Eldred Evelyn Carter born December 7 1849
Mary Browning Crandall born June 1st 1781
Robert Havens Crandall born June 5 1804
Ira Crandall born October 13th 1805
Samantha Crandall born April 3rd 1807
John Browning Crandall born October 8 1808
Mary Crandall born August 3rd 1810
George Williams Crandall born Juli 8 18[1]2
Eunice Crandall born March 27th 1814
Eliza Griffith Overall born December 15th 1848
David Dibbell born April 14 1801
Evelyn F Carter born March 14 1811
Emily Eliza Dibbell born April 17th 1836
William B Dibbell born September 28 1838
Elias Dibbell born September 13 1830
Edwin Alex Dibbell born February 4th 1825
David Samuel Dibbell born January 22 1838

John Crandall Died October 24th 1813
Mary Crandall died June 22nd 1858
Farnham Parmale Carter died May 24th 1843
Mary Eliza Carter Died April 29th 1860
Samantha Crandall Carter died Sept 14 1878
[Conplant] Parmale died March 27 1843
Eliza Ann Overall Died Jany 24th 1878
Lucian Edwin Carter died February 10th 1878
George Crandall Carter died August 10th 1885
Eliza G Carter died June 22 1920 buried June 25 1920
Eunice Carter wife of Hubbel Carter died february 2 1814
Hubbel Carter died February 4th 1823 in 42 yrof his age
Lucian E Carter, died February 23rd 1921 age 84 yrs 10 mos 23 day

John Browning born November 15th 1742
Eunice Williams Browning born December 25th 1753
Mary Browning born June 1st 1781
John Crandall born 1777
Samantha Crandall born April 3rd 1807
Edwin Carter born March 18th 1805
George Crandall Carter born Thursday December 1st 1831
Mary Eliza Carter born Tuesday August 14th 1838
Farnham Parmale Cartr born July 30 1842
Eldred Evelyn Carter born December 7th 1849
Eunice Emily Carter born June 23rd 1787
Lucian E Carter born April 25th 1836
Eliza Griffith (Overall) Carter born December 15th 1848
Edwin Overall Carter born March 10th 1871
John Overall Carter born April 8th 1872
Lucian E Carter Jr born May 3rd 1875
George Crandall Carter born January 20th 1881
Constant Parmale born May 16th 1761

Crawford Family Bible

This is to Certify
That J. F. Crawford
and Josie W. Hammond
were united by me in
Holy Matrimony
at Dodge City, Kansas on the 24 day of
December in the year of our lord 1890
In the prsence of
Signed: W. H. Rose, Pastor M. E. Church

Judson F. Crawford April 15 1866
Josie W. Hammond Feb. 9 1874
Bernice Crawford Mch 4 1892
Leon Russell Crawford – Feb 6 1894
Marion Richmond Crawford Oct 24 1895
Helen Marjorie Crawford Aprl 30 1900
Hughie Judson Crawford Sept 16 1902
Esther Stella Crawford Feb 6 1905
Lois Elida Crawford Nov 10 1909

Marion Richmond Crawford
July 29 1920
Judson Foster Crawford
Feb 19 1949

J. F. Crawford J. W. Hammond
December 24 1890
Miss Bernice Crawford to
George J. Allen Nov 10 1911
Helen Marjorie Crawford to
Russel C. Horton July 16 1919
Leon Russel Crawford to
Winnie Leatha Curry Dec 24 1919
Lois Elida Crawford to
Ralph E Maden Jan 22 1929
Hugh Judson Crawford to
Gladys Vanderwilt Dec 8 1929
Esther Stella Crawford to
Carl Noll Dec 27 1945

Throwback Thursday

Mentzer Bibles

Emeline Minnick Mentzer Bible


Mrs. Elizabeth Minnick died July 20 1889
John Minnick died 1893 age 81

Wilson Minnick born Aug 28 1844
died in January

Gary Mentzer born June 1838 – died Jan. 1912

Susie May Mentzer Tunnicliff passed away Jan 6 1909 age 35

Children of Charles & Nettie Mentzer
Gladys Olive mEntzer July 9 1894
Pauline Edith Mentzer Mar 28 1896
Paul Emory Mentzer Mar 28 1896

Children of Fred & Anna Mentzer
Hazel Adel Mentzer June 19 1896
some text cut off

written in on side
Cecil Marie Mentzer [Nov] 7 1897


Charles Oliver Mentzer born July 1 1869 in Kewanee, Ill

John Freddie Mentzer born Mar 3 1871 in Kewanee, Ill

Susan May Mentzer born Feb. 28 1873 Woodson Co., Kansas

Henry Arnold Mentzer – born Dec 31 – 1874 – Woodson Co., Kansas

Phillip Embry Mentzer – Feb. 22 – 1877 Woodson Co., Kansas

Ernest Everett Mentzer – May 10, 1880 Woodson Co., Kansas

Clara Edith Mentzer – Sept 20 1882 Woodson Co Kansas

Clarence Albet Mentzer April 7 – 1887 Woodson Co., Kansas

George Mentzer & Emmaline Minnich
married Jan 1 – 1867 – Rev. Applebee
Emaline Minnich born Aug 6 1848 in Pennsylvania, Franklin Co.

George Mentzer born June 19 1838 Stow Massachusetts

Charles Oliver – son of George & Emma Mentze
married to Nettie Adell Wells Oct 18 1893
Woodson Co. Kansas

John Fred – son of Geo & Emma Mentzer
married to Anna May Wells Mar 27 1895
in Woodson Co., Kansas

Mentzer, George, Family Bible of Emeline Minnick Mentzer (no place: no publisher, no date); Doris Ryan, Yates Center, KS, George Mentzer & Emmaline Minnick married Jan 1 1867 Rev. Applebee

Charles Mentzer Bible

Self Pronouncing Edition in which all the proper names are divided, accented and marked with the vowel sounds, showing how they should be pronounced. The New Testament Translated out of the original Greek and with the Former translations diligently compared and revised The text conformable to that of the Oxford Bible printed at the University Press, Oxford

Bible in poor condition stored in a box Cover of box says Belong to Pauline Briles 1982

C. O. Mentzers Family Bible

Family register Parents’ Names
Husband, Charles O. Mentzer born , 1869, July 1,
Wife, Nettie A. Wells born, 1873, Feb.5
married, 1893 Oct.3

C. O. Mentzer born July 1 1869
(dates given showing calculation of age 1938–1869 = 69 yrs old

Children’s Names
Gladys O. Mentzer born July 9.1894
Paul E. Mentzer ” March 28.1896
Pauline E. Mentzer 28.1896
Leslie G. Mentzer born Aug 23. 1898
Herbert Wells Mentzer July 20, 1900

on back page Emporia, Kan
April 13-43
Charles O. Mentzer
Mon or Tuesd
Mon 17 May 3:30 pp a.m.
Brother Fred Death

Crawford Family Papers; privately held by Marcia Philbrick, Seneca, Kansas, 2016. Bible Charles O. Mentzer. passed down to Marcia Philbrick by Pauline Briles.

Bible given to Charles Mentzer by Pauline Briles

Containing the Old and New Testaments
King James Version
Cleveland: The World Publishing Company

Charles Mentzer engraved on front

Holy Bible presented to
Charles O. MENTZER

Letha and Geo Doolittle
Love Mom Briles

Family Register
Pauline E. Briles
Edward Osumond Briles
were united in
Holy Matrimony
on the Oct 29 day of Friday
in the year of our Lord 1915
at Christian Church Parsonge
Yates Center

Edward Osumond Briles born June 21-1891
died May 28-1956
Pauline Edith Mentzer born March 28-1896 children
Walter Emery Briles born Aug 7-1917
Kenneth Briles born Sept. 26 1918
Letha Marie Briles born Sept 14 1924
Roberta Adell Briles born June 29 1930
Barbara Ann Briles born Aug 22 1934
Walter Briles born Aug 14 1917

Pauline & Osumond Briles married 1915 October 29-1915

Letha & Geo Doolittle married Nov 9-1944
Walter & Fay Blair married Oct 11-1941
Roberta & Eugene Crawford married June 9-1951
Barbara & Marvin Thompson married Oct 16-1954

I Joined Christian Church in Emporia March 4-1934 signed Pauline Briles

My mother Nettie Wells Mentzer died Feb 9 1939
My father Charles Oliver Mentzer died Aug 14 1955
Kenneth Briles died June 10-1919
Edward Osumond Briles died May 28-1956
Paul Mentzer Aug 1942
DeLois Mentzer
Herbert Mentzer died March 25 1977
Ruth Mentzer
Ada Mentzer
Gladys Green July 9, 1974
Barbara Thompson died May 3, 1982
Walter Briles July 14, 1982

Pauline Mentzer Briles family, The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments King James Version (: The World Publishing Company, ); Lloyd Doolittle, San Bernardino, California, Charles Mentzer / Pauline Briles family Bible

Currey Bible

One of the items passed down to me by my grandmother, Winnie Crawford, was the Currey family Bible. This Bible contains a wealth of family information.


Currey-Family-Bible-1835-1920-TitlePage-240The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated Out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York: American Bible Society, 1880.






Currey-Family-Bible-1835-1920-p1-240Family Record:

NOTE: Since the Bible is copyrighted in 1880, any births, deaths or marriages prior to 1880 would have been written in the Bible after 1880.


Hiram M Currey Aug the 13th A D 1835 at Peoria Ill

And his wife

Angelina Jane Burke was borned in Kentucky AD Oct 30th 1836


Children of H M and A J Currey

Sarah Evelina borned January 31st 1859

John Henry was borned March the 11th A.D. 1861

Mary Caroline was borned May the 8th AD 1864

Hiram Miles was borned October 23d AD 1866

William Quincy borned December the 11th AD 1868

James Gilbert was borned the 10th day of October 1871

Lizzia Jane was borned May 22nd 1874

Dora Ann borned October 14th 1876

Marion Franklin borned April the 12th 1881

(different hand writing) Winnie May the wife of Hiram Miles was borned May 6 1871, Osage City Iowa

Marriages (handwriting similar to that recording majority of births)

Currey-Family-Bible-1835-1920-p2-240Hiram M Currey and Angelina Jane Burke was married at Weston Missouri by the Rev J B Write on the 3d day of August 1856

Sarah E Currey was married September 25 1879

Mary C Currey married Febuary 12th 1886 to Henery J Spears Lansing Kansas

Marriages – Children of H. M. Currey and Winnie May Hutchinson (different ink / different handwriting)


Herbert Miles Currey and Pearl Stewart was married Dec. 24 1916 at Ogden, Utah

Myrtle Irene Currey & Claude E Gaskill was married March 24, 1917 at Dodge City Kas by Pro. Judge Miss Mary Hale

Mary Lela Currey & Joseph Louis Walter was married Feb 2, 1919 by Rev Towsend Wright at North Kansas City Mo

Winnie Letha Currey & Leon Russel Crawford was married Dec 24 1919 by Rev Gray at Dodge City Ks

Earnest O. Currey

Alma Jean Currey

Family Record

(note in left margin: Children of H F & E A Burk)


Henery F Burke the father of Angelina Jane Burke was borned Aprile the 30th 1811

Elizabeth Ann Bland wife of Henery F Burke and mother of Angelina J Burk was borned December 25th 1813

Angelina J Burke borned October 30 1836


Milton E Burke borned February 2d 1838

Sarah E Burke borned July 25 1839

Perillia A Burke borned July 15 1841

John Martin Burke borned Aprile 30th 1844

Handwriting changes / also ink changes to what looks like pencil

Baby borned April 18th 1892

Henry borned May 25 1893

Herbert borned April 31895

Hiram borned Aug 11 1897 died March 2nd 1901

Winnie M Hutchison wife of H M Currey died Sept (some date crossed out) 23 1913

Angelina Jane Currey

Baby died May 10 1892

Hiram died Jan 24 1898

Henry died May 20 1906

Winnie May Hutchinson the wife of Hiram Myles Currey died Sept (25 crossed out) 23 1913

Currey-Family-Bible-1835-1920-p5-240Bck of Title Page

Children of Mary Lela Walters and Joseph Louis Walters

Daughter of Hiram Miles Currey & Winnie May Hutchison

Louis Elwyn Walters borned Nov 18 1919

Borned in North Kansas City, Mo.

Claude Arnold Walters borned Oct 27 1921

Borned in Kansas City Mo


Doral LaVerne Walters borned Sept 18 1925

Died Oct 16 1925

Borned Dodge City Kansas