School Souvenirs


We are all likely familiar with school yearbooks, but have you seen the small souvenir books that schools produced in the early 1900s?

My grandfather had kept several of his. And, fortunately, his wife, my grandmother, saved them and passed them down to me.

Rock Creek School
District No. 69
Burlington, Kansas
September 18, 1899 – April 13, 1900

Board of Education
C. W. Belles, Clerk
John L. Carroll, Dir.
John L. Clark, Treas.

Presented by Ella E. Gibson, Teacher

Mabel Belles
Earl Belles
Byron Belles
Osmund Briles
Ethel Briles
Glenn Briles
Charlie Carroll
Agnes Carroll
Iva Carson
Eva Carson
Joseph Carson
Ethel Beach
Nettie Beach
Dee Beach
Walter Carson
Willie Carson
Johnny Johnston
Harry McCartney
Libbie McCartney
Lora McCartney
Alice McCartney
Fred Merkle
Vicie Merkle
Willie Merkle
Dale Belles
Joe Belles
Tommy Merkle
Grant Morris
Claude Morris
Alvin Morris
Lizzie Moews
Frank Moews
Ethel Simmons
May Simmons
Blanche Sinclair
Harry Sinclair
Lewis Sinclair
George Weigand
Nella Weigand
Lyda Weigand
George Wagner
Laura Wagner
Earle Jones
Allie Weigand
Omer Weigand
Josie Weigand
Maud Wilson
Grace Rockhill
Pearl Rockhill
Virgie Potts
Herman Stewart
Mamie Stewart
Clara Stewart
Nettie Garton
Wilce Garton
Harry Kaufman
Willard Garton
Elsie Kaufman

H. G. Phillips Publisher, Williamsport, PA


Rock Creek School
District No. 69
Burlington, Kansas

September 4, 1905 – March 30, 1906

Presented By
Nora C Grennan, Teacher

Board of Education, John Harris, Clerk;
T. N. Bell, Director; J. W. Weigand, Treas.

Names of Pupils
Clara Stewart
Jennie Neff
Elizabeth Neff
Melvena Harris
Ellen Harris
Dollie Harris
Ethel Briles
Osmund Briles
Lulu Briles
Glen Briles
Anna Nikodim
Rudolph Nikodim
William Nikodim
Frank Nikodim
Harry Pollock
Delbert Pollock
Mildred Pollock
Walter Swenson
Hilda Swenson
Guy McCartney
Eugene McCarthey
George Weigand
Omer Weigand
Josie Weigand
Stella Fryer
Mabel Benzer
Elsie Coffman
Paul Wiegand
Florence Weigand
Harvey Weigand
Harrold Weigand
Stella Weigand
Frank Grose
Ethel Grose
Harry Grose
Edna Davidson
Gertrude Crockett
Harry Crockett
Ervin Clark
Porley Clark
Dale Houck
Margueriette Houck
George Cory
Robbie Harris
Elmer Fields
Benjamin Letak
Mary Quigley
Marian Quigley
Alpha Quigley
Ernest Quigley
Hazel Quigley
Ernest Kiefer
Willie Kiefer
Otto Kiefer
Loyd Williams
Nellie Sharr



Public School

District No.. 50

Liberty Twp., Woodson Co. Kansas

Josie Guy, Teacher

Willard Brown
Edith Smith
Ines Smith
Grace Smith
Henry Smith
Lulu Briles
Osmund Briles
Roy Smith
Elsie Smith
Lee Smith
Grant Smith
Ethel Briles
Glen Briles
Herman Park
Ellen Delong

School Board
Robert Cragg
John Brown
Charles Watkins


Phelps School
Grace Etter

District No. 50

Membership of Board

Robert Cragg, Treasurer
W. L. Smith, Clerk
Charles Watkins, Director

Ethel Briles
Hermon Park
Henry Smith
Marie Charlier
Cecil Withers
Grace Smith
Jesse Helmick
Lulu Briles
Willard Brown
Myrtle Smith
Glen Briles
Grant Smith