Friday Find

Does your FAN club ever surprise you? Have you ever found a new connection between members of your FAN club? I’ve recently been paying more attention to Moses Dooley and his family since he is in the same locations as my James Crawford.

As I’m starting to seriously research Moses Dooley and his family, I discovered that his son, Abner was married to Nancy Douglass. And of course, Douglass is another surname in my Kentucky FAN Club. According to FamilySearch, Nancy is the daughter of George Douglass.

While we still lack proof, it is suspected that George Douglass had a sister, Rebekah who married John Crawford. Based on their marriage records, Rebekah Crawford is thought to be the mother of James Crawford (wife Martha Knight), Mary Crawford (husband James Sellers) and Sarah Crawford (husband William Sellers). If Rebekah is a sister to George Douglass, then Nancy Douglass Dooley would be a niece. That would also make Nancy Douglass Cooley a first cousin to James Crawford (wife Martha).

While George Douglass’ will does not mention siblings, it does identify his children, including Nancy Dooley. This establishes a connection between the DOUGLASS and the DOOLEY families in my Kentucky Fan Club.

Will of George Douglass

Image 334 – page 74
George Douglas Will

In the name of God, Amen. I George Douglass of the County of Barren
and State of Kentucky being in a weak and lonely state of health
and knowing the uncertainty of death, but in my usual state of
mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will
& testament in the words and manner following, to wit
I will devise and bequeth to my son Saml Douglass one negro
girl named Fenny to him and his heirs forever
I will devise and bequeath to my son William Douglass the
sum of four hundred dollars to be deducted out of the money he
justly owes me to him and his heirs forever.
I will devise and bequeth to my daughter Salley Shaw one
dollar in cash to her and her heirs forever.
My will [?crossout mark] desire also is that my Negro girl Emily and
my riding horse be sold and all my just debts collected and the
money arising from the same to be equally divided between six
legatees namely Mary Hill, Nancy Dooley, Betsy Bagby, Nathan
Douglass, William Douglass, & Saml Douglass to theirs and their
heirs forever and also will same equality between the heirs of my
son John Douglass decd and the heirs of my daughter Milly Newland
decd that is to say the heirs of my son John Douglass Desc all jointly
to have one equal share with each one of the before mentioned six legatees
and that one equal share to be equally divided among the said
heirs of John Douglass Decd and the heirs of my daughter Milly Newland
decd to have an equal share with the heirs of John Douglass Decd to
them and their heirs forever. I do hereby nominate constitute and
appoint Henry F Greenwood my executor tho this my last will & testament
Acknowledged Signed and
Sealed in presence of
John Fox, J.A. Rice, William Bell
George Douglass

Barren County, To Wit November Court 1820
The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will of George Douglass Decd
ws produced in Court & John Fox, Jonathan A Rice and William Bell subscribing
witnesses being sworn saith that the said writing was signed and delivered
by the said George Douglas as his will, and that they believe he was in
his proper sense and of a disposing mind and thereupon the said writing
was ordered to be recorded as the true last will of the said George Douglass
Test W. Logan Clk

Kentucky, Barren. Mixed Probate Records, Vols. 1-2 1799-1829. Film #film 209740 DGS 004818752. George Douglass, 1820; Book 2: page 74; digitized images, FamilySearch : viewed online 17 February 2020.

Douglass Land on Beaver Creek

Do ‘bright shiny objects’ cause you to change direction with your genealogy research? That’s where I find myself right now: chasing those bright shiny objects versus working on my stated goals. So, what has me distracted? My Crawford puzzle of course!

I’ve recently been updating my research of my 3rd great grandfather, Nelson Crawford — which is one of my 2022 goals. Since Nelson bought and sold land to and from descendants of James and Martha Crawford, updating my research on that family distracted me.

Then, I recently received an email from a descendant of James and Martha Crawford telling me about a message he received from a George Douglass descendant. This connection grabbed my attention since we believe that George Douglass is the uncle of James Crawford. We had already verified that George Douglass sold Rebekah Crawford land in Garrard County, Kentucky.

Since learning more about George Douglass may help us trace our Crawford lines back to Virginia, I decided to review my Douglass notes and see what else I could dig up. Like James and Martha who migrated from Garrard County to Barren County, George Douglass also made that trek. In looking at Barren County Kentucky land records, a George Douglass purchased 300 acres of land on Beaver Creek in 1808 from Levi Hollingsworth.

Vols. B-C 1801-1813
Film 209720 DGS 7899150

Image 117
Volume B page 210

Hollingsworth to Douglass Deed

This Indenture made this 24th day of February in the year of
our Lord 1802 between Levi Hollingsworth of the City of
Philadelphia by Thomas Badley his attorney in fact of the
County of Fayatte and Commonwealth of Kentucky of the one part
and George Douglass of the County of Barren and Commonwealth
afrsd of the other part witnesseth that the sd Levi Hollingsworth
for and in consideration of the sum of $400 current money of
Kentucky to him in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged hath granted bargained & sold and by these presents
doth grant bargain sell & confirm unto the sd George Douglass
his heirs or assigns all that tract or parcel of land situate and being
in the County of Barren on the waters of Beaver Creek containing
300 acres and bounded as follows to wit) Beginning at a red
oak & hickory and poplar John Mosby Shepherds north East
corner of his survey of 1000 acres on the sinks of Beaver Creek
N ° 390 and runing N 49 ° west 29 poles to a chestnut and hickory thence
N 45 ° E 128 poles crossing Beaver Creek at 102 poles to Hickory &
walnut standing in the edge of the Barrens thence with the Barrens
S 79 ° W 148 poles thence North 73 ° West 210 poles thence North
70 ° West 127 poles to two Sycammores and hack berry on Beaver
Creek in the edge of the Barrens thence south 186 poles to
Shepherd North west corner a red [oak] poplar and hickory thence
east with John Mosby Shepherds line 400 poles to the beginning
which was entered surveyed & pattented in the name of Levi
Hollingsworth it being within the District set apart for the
officers and soldiers of Virginia state line together
with all and singular the premises thereunto belonging
or in any wise appertaining to have & to hold

page 211
the land hereby conveyed with the appurtenances unto the sd George
Douglass his heirs and and assigns forever and the sd Levi Hollingsworth
for himself his heirs executors and administrators the afsd tract of land
and premises unto the sd George Douglass his heirs or assigns against the claim
or claims and every person or persons whatsoever doth and will warrant and forever
defend by these presents In Witness whereof the sd Levi Hollingsworth by
Thomas Bedley his attorney in fact duly authorized by power of attorney
recorded in the clerks office of the Court of appeals hath hereunto set his hand
and seal the day and date first above written.
Levi Hollingsworth (seal)
By Thomas Badly his
Attorney in fact

in presents of
Wm Todd

State of Kentucky Lexington District (to wit) as Deputy
Clerk of he Court for the District aforesaid I do hereby certify that this
indenture was this day acknowledged before me by Thomas Bradley
as attorney in fact for Levi Hollingsworth party thereto and that a
true copy thereof is entered on record in my office Given under my hand
this 24th day of February 1802
Wm Todd Dc[S.D.C]

Barren County (to wit) September the 10th 1808 This Indenture form
Levi Hollingsworth by his atty Thomas Bradley to George Douglass with
the certificate thereon endorsed was proved to me in my office and at the
request of the sd George Douglass was admitted to record [?}
Test W Logan Clk

To try and understand what this parcel of land looked like, I plotted it in my Deed Mapper software.

Since Levi Hollingsworth was an original land owner, I was able to locate the survey and associated documents on the Kentucky Secretary of State Virginia and Old Kentucky Patent site. Levi Hollingsworth had an Old Kentucky patent – certificate number 1893. The 1785 survey of Levi Hollingsworth’s land looks very similar to the plot view from Deed Mapper.

In 1815, George Douglass sold 200 acres of this land to Joseph Neville.

Barren County Kentucky
Deeds, 1798-1902, 1961; indexes, 1798-1935

Vols D-E 1813-1818
Film 209721 DGS 7896473

Image 222 start of Volume E

1815 Douglass Geo to Joseph Nevill book E page 52 200 A Beaver Cr

Image 263
Volume E Page 52

This Indenture made this twenty third day of August
one thousand eight hundred and fifteen between George
Douglass of the County of Barren & State of Kentucky
of the one part and Joseph Neville of the County & State aforesaid Witnesseth
that the said George Douglass for and in consideration
of the sum of eight hundred and twenty dollars to
him in hand paid the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledged
doth bargain sell alien and convey unto the said Joseph
Neville his heirs or assigns a certain tract or parcel of land
lying & being in the county of Barren & State of Kentucky
on the sinks of Beaver Creek which was entered and surveyed
in the name of Levi Hollandsworth containing two hund
red acres tot he same more or less and bounded as followeth
(to wit) Beginning at a red oak hickory and poplar corner

page 53

to a 1000 acre survey of John Mosby Shepherd and
runneth thence north fortynine degrees west twentynine
poles to a Chestnut and hickory thence North forty five
East one hundred and twenty eight poles to a hickory
& walnut standing in the edge of the Beavers thence
South seventy nine West one hundred & forty eight
poles; thence North Seventy three West one hundred
and fifty seven poles to a gum & two Spanish oaks
thence South sixteen West seventy eight poles to a
Black oak; thence North eighty eight degrees west
one hundred and fifty poles to three black walnuts
thence South sixty two poles to a red oak poplar & hickory
thence East four hundred poles to the beginning. to have
and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with the
appurtenances unto the said Joseph Nevill his heirs or assignees
forever from me my heirs #c & from the claim of all
& every other person or persons whatsoever shall forever
warrant and in witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my seal the day and date above written.
George Douglass (seal)
Signed sealed & Delivered in
presence of
Teste Rougherty
Sherod Bybee

Barren County Sct October the 7th 1815
This Indenture of bargain and sale from George
Douglass to Joseph Nevill was on the day of the date
hereof acknowledged before me by the said Douglass
to be his act and deed and there upon the same was
admited to record in my office Teste T W Davis DCl

Below is a plot of the 200 acres (in pink) over the tope of the original 300 acre plot.

The final 100 acres of this piece of land was sold by Samuel Douglass in1829 to Thomas Br[oa]dy. This deed is on page 390 of volume L of Barren County Deeds (FamilySearch digitized microfilm)

While these deeds do not show any connection between the Douglass family and either Crawford family, they do place George Douglass in Barren County, Kentucky where James and Martha also owned land. The Crawford land was on Marrowbone Creek. At this time, I have no idea whether the Douglass land was close to the Crawford land or whether several hills and valleys separated the two pieces of land.

Garrard County Names

Do you use a list of FAN (Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbors) club names when researching county records for your family? If so, do you ever struggle with remembering how the members of your FAN club fit together? If so, you are not alone.

As I’m getting back into my CRAWFORD research and Garrard County, Kentucky records by reading an order book, I’ve found that I not only need a list of names, but a diagram of how they might fit together. Since I don’t own any software to easily create such a diagram, I used Microsoft Publisher and multiple text boxes to create my diagram of the CRAWFORD families in early Garrard County, Kentucky along with some associated families.

In the early tax records for the area, I have identified four CRAWFORD families with land in what becomes Garrard County: Rebekah Crawford, William Crawford, James Crawford and Mary Crawford. Based on research of these four families, their spouses and potential children, I have been able to identify contemporaries who had ties to these families. This is the generation that settled the region.

  • Absalom Adams (father of Feathergill Agams)
  • Feathergill Adams
  • Isaac Anderson
  • James Anderson
  • John Anderson (father of Rebecca Anderson)
  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Samuel Anderson
  • Samuel Campbell
  • James Crawford
  • John Crawford
  • William Crawford
  • George Douglas(s)
  • Rebekah Douglas(s)
  • John Gass
  • John Kennedy (brother of Thomas Kennedy)
  • Bazeleel Maxwell
  • John McElwee
  • Jacob Miller
  • William Morrison
  • Nathan Sellers

Since many of the potential children of the four CRAWFORD families were married in early Kentcuky, I can add their spouses to my list. This is the generation that mostly moved away from the Garrard County area.

  • John Crafton
  • Robert Creath
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Alexander Duggins
  • William Guthrie
  • David Hall
  • Martha Knight
  • Nancy Miller (daughter of Jacob Miller)
  • James Sellers (son of Nathan Sellers)
  • William Sellers (son of Nathan Sellers)
  • Sally Smith
  • Abigail Trowbridge
  • Beverly Vawter
  • Lucy Vawter

As I read the court order book, I will be looking for any mention of the following surnames:

  • Adams
  • Anderson
  • Campbell
  • Crafton
  • Crawford
  • Creath
  • Davis
  • Douglas(s)
  • Duggins
  • Gass
  • Guthrie
  • Hall
  • Kennedy
  • Knight
  • Maxwell
  • McElwee
  • Miller
  • Morrison
  • Sellers
  • Smith
  • Trowbridge
  • Vawter

Hopefully, these court records will help me learn more about these Crawford families and their migration to Kentucky. 

1820 Vawter Deed

Jefferson County, Indiana
Deed Records, 1812-1891

Deed record v. B. (corrected version) cont. Aug 1817-Aug 1820
Deed Record v. C July 1820 – Sep. 1823
Deed Record V. C (Corrected version) July 1820 – Nov 1822
FamilySearch Film 1310266 DGS 8059611

Image 173 – start of Vol. C

Image 197
Vol. C page 44 to 45 on image 198

Page 44

This Indenture made this thirteenth day of March in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty between
Beverly Vawter and Betsy Vawter his wife of the first part
and Thomas Douglas of the County of Jefferson and State of Indiana
of the second part Witnesseth that the said Beverly Vawter
and Betsy his wife for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen
hundred dollars lawful money of the United States to them in
hand well and truly paid by the said Thomas Douglas to the
said Beverly Vawter the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
have granted bargained sold aliened released conveyed and
confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell
affirm release convey and confirm unto the said Thomas Douglas
his heirs and assigns forever A certain tract or parcel of land
lying and being in the county of Jefferson and State of Indiana
known and distinguished by being the south east quarter of
section number twenty nine in range ten east and township
four north which quarter section contains one hundred and
sixty acres: Also fifteen acres of land from and commencing
at the south east corner of the north east quarter of section
twenty nine in range ten and township four north
both of which tracts make together the quantity of one hundred
and seventy five acres. And all the estate right to the interest
claim and demand of them the said Beverly Vawter & Betsy
his wife of in and to the said premises & every part thereof
together with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances
to the same belonging or in any wise appurtaining and the
rents issues and profits thereof to have and to hold the premises
is hereby bargained and sold or meant or intended so to be with
the appertances to the only proper use and behoofs of the
said Beverly Vawter Thomas Douglas his heirs and assigns
forever and the said Beverly Vawter and Betsy his wife for themselves
their heirs executors and administrators do covenant and promise and
agree to and with the said Thomas Douglas his heirs executors admin-
istrators and assigns that they are the tru and lawful owners
of the premises hereby granted & have good right full power & lawful
authority to sell and convey the same in manner & form afore
said further that they the said Beverly & Betsy Vawter their heirs ex
ecutors and administrators will warrant and forever defend
the aforesaid premises with their appurtenances and every part
and parcel thereof unto the said Thomas Douglas his heirs
and assigns against all persons claiming or to claim by from
or under them or any of them or by from or under
any other person or person whomsoever. In
witness whereof the said Beverly Vawter & Betsy Vawter

page 45

his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and
year first above written.
Beverly Vawter (seal)
Betsy (her mark) Vawter (seal)
Sealed & Delivered in the presence of
Saml Eccles

The State of Indiana
Jefferson County Sct — Before me Ebenezer Hillis a Justice
of the Peace within and for said county personally appeared
Beverly Vawter & Betsy Vawter his wife parties and acknowledged
the above deed of conveyance to be their voluntary act and
deed for the use & purposes therein mentioned the said Betsy
Vawter having been examined privily and apart from her
said husband. Given under my hand and seal this
thirteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and twenty
Ebenezer Hillis J. P. (seal)
Recorded Sep 20th 1820
RC T[olbert] RJC

Botetourt Virginia Titheables

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to visit the Family History Center in Topeka, Kansas. During this visit, I was able to access digitized images from Botetourt County, Virginia. I was thankful these records were available at the family history center since they were locked at affiliate libraries.

Botetourt County, Virginia
List of Tithables, 1770-1789
FS Film 9106467 DGS 7856374

Looking for Crawford, Douglass, Maxwell


Image 9
Anderson, Lemuel – 1
Crawford, James – 1
Dooley Kenery – 1

Image 14 – List of Tithebles take in by William Ingles
Image 15 James Craford – 1

Image 16 –
Henry Dooley
Samuel Bozewell

image 17 – start of 1771

Image 19 – List of tithables take by Benjamin Estil 1771
Wm Maxwell
J L Maxwell
John Maxwell
Image 20 – left side – col. 2 – Wm Crawford

Image 20 – right side – List of Tithables taken by John Boxman

image 22
List of the Tithables on the Head of Little River

Image 23
List of Tithables [my] Company
John Maxwell

Image 25 A list of the tithables in the Lower District
of New River

Image 26
A list of tithables taken from the north side
Buffelo Creek to the County line & from Mountain [Harris]
tax for the year 1771
William Crawford

Image 29
Tithables no returned at Agt Court 1771

Image 31
A list of tithables taken in by Walter Crockett from William
Sayers to the Head of Holstans RiVer for the year 1771

Image 33
A list of Tithables in Capt Campbells Company

Image 34
A list of Tithables in Capt Bledsow Company
John Douglass
John Douglass

Image 37
John Crawford – 2
John Crawford – 2
Wm Crawford – 1

Image 42 – 1772

Image 45 List of tithables on Jacksons River including the Cord parchased and Down James River as Lord as James Lawrence
taken according to order Court by John Robinson Jun the 10th 1772

Image 47
Lists Tithables for
Craigs Creek taken
by Ben Hawkins 1772
Crawford John – 1
Crawford John Junr – 1
Crawford Andrew – 1
Crawford William – 1
Crawford Elias – 1

image 52 List of Tithables taken in Capt James Thompson’s Company 1772
Henry Dooley

Image 58
A list of Tithables in Capt Doachs and my own company for the year 1772
Walter Crockett

Image 61 A list of the Tithables on the North side of Buffaloe Creek
Botetourt County taken by Wm McKee 1772

Image 63 – new list – but no heading at top of page
Crawford John – 1
Crawford Samuel – 1

Image 68 A list of tithables in Capt Campbells for 1772 take by R D.

Image 70 A list of tithables in Capt Bledsoes & Capt Looney Company for 1772
Returnt to R. Douch

Image 72
A list of the tithables in the upper settlement of Little River

Image 73
A list of the tithables on new river & sinking creek

Image 76 A list of tithables taken in by James McGavock from James River to Buffalo Creek from Mountain to Mounty of the year 1772
Craford William 2
Maxwell John – 2
Maxwell James – 1
Maxwell William – 2
Maxwell THomas – 1

Image 78 List of titheables taken by Ohis[ons]


image 83 – 177[3] A list of tithable taken by order of court
Wm Mc[th]ee
names on lists
Crawford John – 1
Crawford John Junr – 1
Crawford William – 1
Crawford Josiah – 1
Crawford Andrew – 1
Crawford Andrew [z] 1

Image 85 A list of tithables taken by Benjamin Estil for year 1773
Crawford William – 2
Maxwell John – 1
Maxwell William – 1

Img 86 – Maxwell Thomas – 1

image 87 The list of tithables from William Huggards up Jacsons River to the County line and to the western waters

Image 90 A list of the tithables on the waters of Breenbriers 1773

Image 91 – right side – List of the tithables from Buffalo Creek to the North River Below the great road taken by James [timbold] in compliance to an order of court to him Directed 1773

image 92
A list of the tithables from the mouth of Craigs Creek up the cowpaster to the county line
and up jecksons river to William Hogarts

Image 97
A list of tithables taken by Geo Skillens for a part of the County of Botetourt and order of the court for the year 1773

image 99 Lit of delinquents

Image 101 List of deliquents
Thos Maxwell – no inhabitant Fincast Co – 0

Captain Love’s Company of Militia

On my way home from the Northeast Kansas Library System’s monthly board meeting, I stopped in Topeka to use the library and archives at the Kansas State Historical Society. One of the books I used was Montgomery County, Virginia: The First 100 Years. [Text by Judge C. W. Crush; Index by Mrs. Frances Terry Ingmire. St. Louis, MO: Mrs Terry Ingmire, 1982.]

On page 94 of this book is a list of Captain Love’s Company of Militia. Since James Crawford was listed as a lieutenant for the company, this list may prove useful to my Crawford research. By knowing the names of the various men in this company, I can search their pension records for mention of James Crawford (or any other Crawford).

Page 94

A list of Capt. Love’s Compy. of Militia — April 5th 1781
William Love, Capt.
James Crawford, Lt.
James Smith, Lt.
James White, Ensign
George Erving, Sergt
David Busher, Sergt
Philip Dutting
John Lashley
John King
Abram Gooding
Christley Vaught
George Vaught
Nathan Morgan
Archy Reagh
William Smith
Peter Neast
Warren Filpot
Adm Dulton
Peter Greger
Peter Laughton
James Fork
John Vaught
David Vaught
Jese James
James James
William Moore
John Brown
Geo. Douglas
Danl. Pearee
Edward Crawford
Michl Plankepicker
Gasper Vaught
David Kirkwood
William James
Kaser Wells
Hugh Con
Christopher Bulyes
Mikl. Burton
John Burton
Zac. Plankepicker
Michl. Branser
John Hunt

Re-Learning to Use Shared Events

Have you used ‘shared events’ in your genealogy software?

Michelle Simmons Lewis had a Facebook post today that is causing me to re-visit the concept of shared events. In her post, she indicated that she was using shared events to help with a one-name study in early South Carolina.

This post caught my attention today for two reasons:

  • My Crawford research in Kentucky is similar to a limited one-name study;
  • I could be using shared events to tie the various members of my Kentucky FAN club together.

Unfortunately, Michelle Simmons Lewis’ post contained hints for Legacy Family Tree software and I use RootsMagic. Knowing that the software packages are similar, I looked for information on shared events in RootsMagic. I found a video by Bruce Buzbee explaining shared events in RootsMagic.

This video helped me think through a couple of ways I can use shared events to help pull together my Crawford research.
My first use was for the witness to a will. Since I already had George Doulgas, the witness to David Crawford’s will, in my RootsMagic database, all I had to do was share the will event for David Crawford with George Douglas.

 This created a shared event on George Douglas’ individual screen.

It also created a sentence for the event.

Knowing that George Douglas sold land to Rebekah Crawford, I would like to share the land transaction. I already had a ‘Land-Purch’ fact for Rebekah Crawford. 

Thus, I thought I could share the ‘Land-Purch’ event with George Douglas. Since he was the Grantor and not a witness, I edited the ‘Land-Purch’ fact type to add the role of Grantor.

When I shared Rebekah Douglas’ Land-Purch fact with George Douglas, it created a sentence showing that George Douglas sold the land.

Unfortunately, the name ‘Land-Purch’ does not make sense in George’s list since he is the seller of the land not the purchaser. Since the principal person in this event is purchasing land, I haven’t figured out how to rename the fact so that I will know the principal person is purchasing land.

Now that I have shared two wills and a deed with George Douglas, I would like to be able to easily get from the event in his timeline to the principal person for the event. So far, I haven’t figured out how to easily get to the other party in the event. 

Thank you Michelle Simmons Lewis for suggesting this use of shared events to help with one name and/or FAN club research! I still need to learn more about this feature of my software, but the ties created by the shared events will be very helpful.

Sellers Mystery

Have you ever seen names on documents and wondered how they fit into your tree? That’s my situation right now with the SELLERS family!

My ancestor, James Crawford, married Sally Duggins in Garrard County, Kentucky in 1799. James Sellers signed the bond and was one of the parties named in the bond.

Know all men by these presents that
we Jams Crawford and James Sellers are
hito and firmly bound unto James Garrard
Esqr Governor of Kentucky in the just and
full sum of fifty pounds current money
to which payment will and trust to be
made we bind ourselves our heirs [so] jointly
and surrally firmly by these presents seald and
dated this 12th day of Sept 1799
Th eCondition of the above obligation
is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly
into to be solemnized between the above bound
James Crawford and Sally Duggins for 
which a licenses has issued now if there 
be no lawful cause to obstruct the sd
marriage then the above obligation so
be void. Else to remain in full force and 
James Crawford (seal)
James Sellers (seal)

In 1816, James Crawford and William Sellers purchased land in Preble County Ohio as joint tenants.

Ex of Such June 18 1816
James Madison, President of the United States of America
To all To Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting
know Ye, that William Sellers assignee of George Harlan and
James Crawford in his own right
having deposited in the General Land Office a Certificate of the Register of the Land Office
at Cincinnati whereby it appears that full payment has been made for
the Northwest quarter of Section Fourteen of Township Seven
in Range Two lying East of the Meridian line
of the lands directed to be sold at Cincinnati
by the Act of Congress, entitled “An act providing for the sale of the lands of the United
States in the territory north-west of the Ohio, and above the mouth of Kentucky river,” and
of the acts amendatory of the Same: There is granted, by the United States, unto
the said William Sellers & James Crawford the quarter lot or
section of land above described: To have and to hold the said quarter
lot or section of land, with the appurtenances, unto the said
William Sellers & James Crawford their heirs and assigns forever, as
tenants in common and not as joint tenants
In Testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made
Patent, and the seal of the General Land-Office to be hereunto affixed.
Given under my hand at the City of Washington, the first
day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand
eight hundred and sixteen and of the Independence
of the United States of America, the fortieth.
By the President, James Madison
Josiah Meigs Commissioner of the General Land Office

So who are James and William Sellers?

James and William Sellers are likely two of the seven identified children of Nathaniel Sellers. Nathaniel and several sons, including James, Samuel and William, appear on the early tax lists in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Two other sons, Joseph and Nathan, are on tax lists in Bourbon County, Kentucky during the same time period.

In 1791, James Sellers married Mary Crawford. Five years later (in 1796), William Sellers married Sarah Crawford. Thus, there is a connection between the Sellers and the Crawford families.

However, James and William Sellers are believed to be brothers-in-law to the James Crawford that married Martha Knight. James Sellers and Samuel Sellers witnessed the consent given by John Goodpastor for the marriage of Martha Night to James Crawford.

This is to certify that I John Goodpastor
gardien do fully give my Consnet to the
Marrage contract between James Crawford
and Martha Night as witness my hand and
Seal this ninth day of March 1793
John Goodpastor
James Sellers
Samel his mark Sellers
The bond for the marriage of James Crawford and Martha Night was guaranteed by Nathan Douglass.

Know all men by these presents that we James Crawford
and Nathan Douglass are held and firmly bound unto
His Excellency Isaac Shelby Esquire Governor of Kentucky in
the sum of fifty pounds current money to the payment
whereof to be made to the said Governor and his sucessors we
bind our selves our heirs etc firmly by these presents, sealed
with our seals and dated the 12th day of March 1793
The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas
then is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between
the above bound James Crawford and Martha Night for
which a license has paid Now if these be no lawful cause
to obstruct the said marriage then this obligation to be void
or else to remain in full force
James Crawford
Nathan Douglass
Sealed Delivered
in presence of
Willes Green

The James Crawford who married Martha Knight (Night)  is believed to be the son of Rebekah Crawford and thus the brother to Mary Crawford who married James Sellers and to Sarah Crawford who married William Sellers.

Since land records show that James and Martha Crawford owned land in Barren County, it has been assumed that the James Crawford on the sale of land by Rebecca Crawford was the James Crawford married to Martha Knight.

Thus, it is believed that the children of Rebekah Crawford include James, husband of Martha, Mary and Sarah. This explains the Sellers names on the marriage consent for Martha Night.

However, it doesn’t explain a connections between James Crawford, husband of Sally Duggins, and James or William Sellers.

Thus the mystery!

At this time, my hypothesis is that my ancestors mother was a sister to James, William and Samuel Sellers. That would make James Crawford (Sally Duggins) a nephew to James Sellers who signed the marriage bond and a nephew to William Sellers who was a joint tenant.

My autosomal DNA results support this hypothesis. I have identified 9 DNA matches who trace their line back to Nathaniel David Sellers, father of James and William Sellers. This would make us some aspect of a sixth cousin. On average, we share 11.5 cM. When I checked the Shared cM Project, there is a 61.80% probability that we could be sixth cousins.  Unfortunately, I have several surnames in common with each of those matches. This makes it difficult to use the DNA to prove my hypothesis.

So, can you help unravel this mystery?

Suit Against George Douglass

Lincoln County Kentucky
Court Order Books 1781-1919

Vols. 2 1785-1786
FS Film 192253 – DGS 7763893
A suit against George Douglass for ejectment was discontinued.

Image 339

June Court 1785

Solomon Saveall of the
Demise of James Speed Plt
George Douglass
In Ejectment for one
Missuage one plan
tation 900 acres of
land fifty acres of mea
dow and fifty acres of
pasture situate in the Parish and
County aforesaid
Ordered that the suit be discontinued

Suit Against George Douglass

Lincoln County Kentucky
Court Order Books 1781-1919

Vols. 2 1785-1786
FS Film 192253 – DGS 7763893

A suit against George Douglass for ejectment was discontinued.
Image 339

June Court 1785

Solomon Saveall of theDemise of James Speed PltagGeorge DouglassIn Ejectment for oneMissuage one plantation 900 acres ofland fifty acres of meadow and fifty acres ofpasture situate in the Parish andCounty aforesaidOrdered that the suit be discontinued