Facebook Find

I’ll admit, I’m a Facebook fan – and at times I can be a Facebook addict. For me, Facebook is not only a means to stay connected with family and friends, but also a source of information, particularly when it comes to genealogy related topics.

In early December, a reconnection with an acquaintance from my youth resulted in a wonderful find about my grandfather, E. O. Briles of Emporia. My Facebook friend shared a picture of Commercial Street in downtown Emporia.

The original poster was wondering whether anyone could date the picture based on the cars parked along the street. This picture caught my attention because of the ‘Lyric’ sign on the left side of the street. My grandfather, E. O. Briles, ran the Lyric Theatre in downtown Emporia. My brother also noted the Lyric marquee and posted a link to a source I hadn’t seen before. The website, Cinema Treasures, has an article about the Lyric Theatre and my grandfathers efforts to open the movie theater on Sundays.

Thank you Facebook for this wonderful find!

Crawford Ancestor DNA Project

Have you heard about Ancestor DNA Projects on GedMatch? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. I first heard about them last month when a member of the Clan Crawford group on Facebook posted about it.

Several members of the Clan Crawford Facebook group are trying to get a Crawford Ancestor Project started. However, they need FIFTY Crawford researchers to agree to participate to get the project established.

If you are a Crawford researcher who has uploaded your DNA to GedMatch, then please consider participating in the project.

To join the project, one must first be a member of the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, then you may submit a request to join the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum. This is a great group that discusses Crawford DNA and/or Crawford Research.

Once your membership in the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum, you can use the search box on the right side of the screen to locate posts on a particular topic.

A search for ‘gedmatch’ will bring up the post about the Ancestor Project.

The post contains a link to a Google file where one can enter his/her gedmatch number if willing to be part of the project.

If you are a Crawford researcher, please consider participating in both the Facebook group and the Crawford Ancestor DNA Project.

Facebook Group Changes

Do you belong to a Facebook group? Perhaps you’ve seen a post (or two or more) about getting ‘removed’ from the group if you don’t participate? I started seeing these posts yesterday and was concerned, not only about all the genealogy groups I belong to, but also about the family groups I administer.

Since I was unsure what this meant as a group administrator, I did some research. The following articles helped me understand what is happening.

I then turned to Facebook to see if I could figure out how this is affecting the family groups I administer. The first thing I saw when I went to one of those groups was an announcement from Facebook, “Changes to Your Members List.”


Curious as to how this is working with one of my family groups, using my phone, I clicked on the number of members in the group. This took me to an ‘About’ screen with the members at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, there was a ‘SEE ALL’ prompt. When I clicked that, it took me to a full list of the members. One of the tabs across the top is for ‘INVITED’ members.


When I clicked on INVITED, I discovered four people on the list. According to the instructions, I should send them a message re-inviting them to the group. If they don’t accept the invitation, then they will eventually be removed from my list.

Since this is all new to me, I wondered how someone ‘accepts the invitation’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure this out from my phone. However, it was obvious from my computer. When I clicked on GROUPS on the left side of my home screen, PENDING INVITES appeared at the top of my list of groups. This PENDING INVITE included the option to JOIN or to DECLINE.


For now, I think I have this change in FB groups figured out. Hopefully, FB will continue to allow ‘consumers’ of information from FB groups and not require every member to be a ‘producer’ of content (either thru posting or commenting).