High Hopes – Disappointment

Have you heard about the new GedMatch Tier 1 tool to find common ancestors for DNA matches? If not, check out this Family Fanatics video about the tool.

Somehow, I had heard about the tool and decided to try it.

With only 14 results, I was a little disappointed. However, seeing James Crawford and Hannah Smith on my list of potential common ancestors was very exciting since these are brick walls on my Crawford line. Unfortunately, I was SO excited that I didn’t do my homework first. I didn’t watch the video. Nor, did I check out their gedcom files prior to contacting them.

I received an immediate response from my Hannah Smith connection — and Hannah Smith is NOT our common ancestor. I would have discovered that if I had taken the time to look at the gedcom file. My match’s Hannah Smith lived in England. My Hannah Smith lived in Indiana. After browsing thru the Ancestry tree for this match, I’m not sure where we connect — but it has to be quite a ways back. His tree is almost entirely based in England while my tree is deeply U.S.

I had similar results with my James Crawford match. His James Crawford is from New Brunswick while my James Crawford was born in Virginia, married in Kentucky and died in Ohio. However, my Harding line is in New Brunswick and I believe that our common ancestor would be a Flewelling. Unfortunately, I haven’t done much research on this branch of my family.

Based on my experience with these two matches, I think the tool is only comparing names and not the associated places and dates. However, I would never have discovered the FLEWELLING connection without this tool. Thus, I believe this tool has potential – especially if more people put gedcom files on the site along with their DNA results.

For those wanting to check out this new tool on GedMatch tool, please don’t be like me and contact matches without checking out their gedcom file. Watch the video above and check out the match’s gedcom file first!

Crawford Ancestor DNA Project

Have you heard about Ancestor DNA Projects on GedMatch? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t. I first heard about them last month when a member of the Clan Crawford group on Facebook posted about it.

Several members of the Clan Crawford Facebook group are trying to get a Crawford Ancestor Project started. However, they need FIFTY Crawford researchers to agree to participate to get the project established.

If you are a Crawford researcher who has uploaded your DNA to GedMatch, then please consider participating in the project.

To join the project, one must first be a member of the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, then you may submit a request to join the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum. This is a great group that discusses Crawford DNA and/or Crawford Research.

Once your membership in the Clan Crawford Association Ancestry & DNA Research Forum, you can use the search box on the right side of the screen to locate posts on a particular topic.

A search for ‘gedmatch’ will bring up the post about the Ancestor Project.

The post contains a link to a Google file where one can enter his/her gedmatch number if willing to be part of the project.

If you are a Crawford researcher, please consider participating in both the Facebook group and the Crawford Ancestor DNA Project.