Creath Guardianship

Ripley County Indiana
Court Order Books

Civil Order Book E, Mar. 1841-Oct. 1843
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Book E page 306

Guardianship of Richard and
Malinda Creath

And now at this day personally appear in
open court Melinda and Richard Creath each over the age
of 14 and under 21 years & children and heirs of William M. Creath
deceased, who nominate and the court appoints James A. Creath
guardian of their estates, and the said James A. accepts of
said appointment and enters into bond with Moses Copeland as
his surety in the sum of $300 which said bond is approved
of by the Court and reads in these words (viz) Here insert)
And thereupon the said Creath subscribes and
was sworn in open court to the following oath of office (viz)
(here insert) after which letters of guardianship issued
to him herein, in these words (viz) (Here insert)
And now at this day comes the guardian
and files his petition herein which is sworn to vis (here insert)
which said Petition being seen and examined by the court
and mature deliberation thereon had do now here appoint
William W Reed and Jacob S Green two discreet person
freeholders of the county of Ripley to appraise the undi
vided two thirds of the real estate in said petition described
viz “a part of the south west quarter of section 35 township
seven range 12 East and bounded as follows, beginning at
the South East corner of the South West quarter of said section
35 running thence west 75 poles to a Birch thence north 100 poles
thence east 75 poles thence South 100 poles to the place of be
ginning estimated to contain 50 acres more or less and that
the said appraisers make report of their appraisement to court
at the next term.
Whereupon the clerk of this court [copied] and delivered to the said

page 307

appraisers and attested copy of the order or appraisement
aforesaid upon which said copy the said appraisers endorsed
and were sworn to the following oath vix (Here insert)
And now at this time the said appraisers returned
into court an appraisement of the lands and tenements
aforesaid which amounts to $295 – and reads in the
words and figures following viz (here insert)
And now at this time the said Guardian
enters into additional bond in the sum of $600 with
Philip Showalter as his surety which said Bond is ap
proved of by the Court and reads as follows viz (Here
It is therefore ordered and adjudged that the
said Guardian at any time before the first day of
the next term of this court sell at private sale with
out giving notice of any kind whatever thereof the
undivided two thirds of the lands and tenements in
the said petition described upon a credit of three and
six months with interest from the day of sale to be
secured by note with good freehold surety and collect
able without any relief whatever from valuation or ap
praisement laws and that said Guardian make re
port of his proceedings herein to court at any time after

And court adjourned until tomorrow morning G O Clerk
[GeoAnt] Roberts

Page 308
4th day
Sept. 19 1851

Friday morning nine o’clock September 19th 1851
Court met pursuant to adjournment present the
same jurye and officers as on yesterday

Guardianship of Melinda and
Richard Creath
James A Creath Guardian
And now at this day comes the Guar
dian and submits to the court the following report in
relation to the sale of the lands and tenements aforesaid
viz (here insert report) Which said report being seen
and examined by the court is approved and the sale
of the lands and tenements aforesaid to the said Jonathan
Huntington and Philip Showalter as therein reported hereby
ratifies and confirmed in each and every particular
And the said Guardian having received the full
amount of the purchase money for the said lands and
tenements as appears by the said Report Thereupon the court now
there appoint Abeo Wilson a Commissioner to make and
report to court at the present term a good and sufficient
deed of conveyance to the said Philip Showalter and Jonathan
Huntington for the lands and tenaments aforesaid
And the said Guardian is hereby ordered and di
rected to invest the moneys aforesaid or a part thereof
and also a part or all of the personal property of this
said wards in real estate and in their names.
And now at this time comes the said com
missioner and reports to and acknowledges in open
court the following deed and conveyance to the said Jona
than Huntington and Philip Showalter for the lands &
tenements aforesaid (viz) (here insert deed)
Which said deed being seen and examined
by the court is hereby ratified and confirmed in all things
and the commissioners for this said services allowed
the sum of two dollars and fifty cents.