Dear Randy,

Do you have a genealogy mentor?

My first genealogy mentor was Ruth Keys Clark. Ruth was the ‘tour guide’ for research trips to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. These trips were sponsored by the Kansas Council of Genealogists. Ruth’s leadership on the two trips I took got me more involved in genealogy organizations.

As computers and the Internet became widely available my involvement in genealogy organizations and my actual time to do research took a back seat to my job implementing all of those computers and the Internet into our local high school.

When retirement approached, I knew that I wanted to pick up my genealogy research. By that time, Facebook and Twitter had become the dominant social media platforms – and genealogists were active on both. Thus, I started friending/following other genealogists and joining the various genealogy groups. While I have not personally met the vast majority of these new ‘friends’, they have helped me grow my genealogy skills. Thus, this world of genealogy ‘friends’ have become my mentors.

Currently, one of those Facebook friends is becoming a mentor in a way outside of genealogy. I’ve been following Randy Seaver thru his blog, Genea-Musings and as a guest on the Mondays with Myrt video chat with DearMyrtle for quite some time. Randy has shared his love of Padres baseball and his love for Linda, his daughters and his grandchildren thru his blog and his Facebook posts.

However, it is Randy’s posts about his heart troubles that I am particularly grateful for. All of his Facebook ‘friends’ were able to follow along as he learned that he needed various tests of his heart, including an angiogram and then ultimately the need for bypass surgery. Those posts have continued as Randy recovered from his surgery and is now in his post-op recovery stage at home.

Those posts have become important to me because I appear to be walking a similar path. I had a stress test of my heart about two weeks ago. When this post is published, I will be having an angiogram to see what may be wrong with my heart. I’m praying that my following Randy’s mentorship stops at that point. Even if it doesn’t, Randy has proven to be a good role model for walking this particular path.