Crossing Paths

As you are researching your ancestors do you ever find a family living in the same county as ancestors or cousins from a totally different branch of your tree? That’s been my experience recently.

I’ve been researching three generations of descendants of James Barr Ralston recently. As I’ve been working my way thru his children and their families, I have encountered quite a few of them with ties to Black Hawk County, Iowa. Black Hawk County, Iowa is where my ancestor, Julia Harding was married to Albert Hutchinson. My Ralston line is on my dad’s dad’s side of my tree. My Hutchinson/Harding branch is on my dad’s mom’s side of the tree. These two lines do not connect in my tree until my grandparents marry in Dodge City, Kansas.

Curious as to who all was in Black Hawk county at some time, I decided to create a ‘Who Was There’ report. Since this report takes a while to generate, I created a ‘Marked Group’ for anyone with a fact place containing Black Hawk, Iowa.

With the marked group created, I can now generate a ‘Who Was There’ report limited to the people in this marked group.

Not only does this create a nice report of everyone with a fact placing them in Black Hawk County Iowa between 1850 and 1940, but it keeps the color coding. The color coding is a visual clue to the fact that different branches of my tree were in Black Hawk County.

This report confirms what I was seeing while researching the descendants of James Barr Ralston. The color coding makes it easy to spot the various family lines.

NOTE: The above report may not contain everyone who should be on it. I recently discovered that if I don’t have a birth and death date for an individual, then they will not be included on this report.

Mothers in My Tree

#52Ancestors #MothersDay

(Maiden names are being used)

(3) My Mom

  • Four children
  • 1 died infancy

(5) Winnie Letha Currey

  • Three children
  • 1 died in infancy
  • 1 died as a young adult prior to marriage

(7) Pauline Mentzer

  • Five children
  • 1 died around 9 months

(9) Josie Winifred Hammond

  • Seven children
  • 3 boys and 4 girls

(11) Winnie Mae Hutchinson

  • Nine children
  • one baby only lived a month
  • a second baby lived about 5 months
  • son, Henry Currey, died at age 13
  • Winnie died in 1913, leaving Herbert 18, Myrtle 14, Mary 12, Winnie 10, Earnest 7, and Alma 1 1/2
  • Total of 5 boys, 4 girls with 2 boys and 4 girls in 1913 when their mother died

(13) Frances Artlissa “Artie” Ricketts

  • Four children
  • 2 boys and 2 girls

(15) Nettie Adell Wells

  • Five children
  • 3 boys and 2 girls

(17) Mary Foster

  • Five children
  • 2 boys and 3 girls

(19) Sarah Ellen Ralston

  • Hammond Genealogy say 9 children
  • No documentation of first three children: William R. R. Hammond b 1864 and Homer L. Hammond b 1865 and Judson F. E. Hammond b 1866 found at this time
  • First three children have birth dates prior to her marriage
  • A fourth child, Glenn M. Hammond, is listed in the Hammond Genealogy. This child only lived one year. No other documentation found to date
  • Five documented children
  • 2 boys and 3 girls

(21) Angelina Jane Burke

  • Ten children
  • 6 boys and 4 girls

(23) Julia Harding

  • Eleven Children
  • Death dates currently unknown on 4 of the children: Frederick b1867, Cary b1869, Francesca b1879 and Elvira b 1884
  • 7 boys and 4 girls with 4 boys and 3 girls reaching adulthood

(25) Sarah Jane Thompson

  • Two children
  • 1 boy and 1 girl

(27) Rachel Elmeda Christy

  • Eight children
  • Set of twins did not survive. One died when almost one month old and the other died when a little over 3 months old.
  • 2 boys and 6 girls with 2 boys and 4 girls surviving to adulthood

(29) Emeline Minnick

  • Eight children
  • 6 boys and 2 girls

(31) Salome Adell Crandall

  • Four children
  • A boy, Freddie, lived about 7 years
  • A girl, Mary, lived about 9 months
  • Two girls survived to adulthood and married brothers

Elusive Eliza

In my quest to figure out whether the Howard Hutchinson who drowned in the Missouri River is a son of Albert Hutchinson and thus a brother to my great-grandmother, Winnie Hutchinson Currey, I thought I might try finding him living with Albert’s second wife, Eliza.

Since she was married six times Eliza goes by many names.

  • Honor L. Vanvolkenberg married Henry H Nolen in March of 1885 in Doniphan County, Kansas
  • Miss Eliza Valkenburg married Albert Hutchinson in 1893 in Buchanan County, Missouri. Albert died in 1896 leaving Eliza a widow with a young son, Elmer. Elmer was born in 1895.
  • Honor E Hutchins married Samuel King in November 1898 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
  • Eliza Nolan married John McColgin in Aug 1900 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
  • Mrs Eliza McColgin married Oceola Phay in May 1906 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
  • Osceola Phay sought to break marital ties with Eliza Phay in the fall of 1923 as reported in the St. Joseph newspaper
  • According to the Find a Grave site for Honore Eliza Van Volkenburg Schleininger, she married Daniel Schleininger in 1930.

These many names make finding Eliza difficult. I did find one newspaper article that places a Howard Hutchinson in the home of an Eliza King.

More Trouble in Bean Row

Mrs. Eliza King, a White Woman
Injured by a Colored Amazon

Hostilities were again resumed in Bean Row yesterday afternoon and a small sized rce war progressed for a short time. A black Amazon named Judy Shepherd, aged 19 years, appeared to be the instigator of the trouble and seriously injured Eliza King, a white woman, by hitting her above the right eye with a brick, producing an ugly but not dangerous scalp wound.
The trouble occurred about 5 o’clock. It appears the Shepherd woman entered the home of Mrs. King, who is said to be a hardworking woman, and began to use abusive and obscene language. She was ordered from the house No. 3 Bean Row, by the white woman. As she left the door she picked up a brick and threw it with good aim. She threw several more missiles and aroused the neighborhood. Then a small riot broke loose, in which several colored women took part but no one, except Mrs. King, was seriously hurt.
The injured woman was taken to a house on Buchanan avenue by J. E. Patrick and her wound was dressed by City Physician Graham. Later in the evening she and her two children, Howard and Elmer Hutchinson, were conveyed to the city hospital, where she was resting easily last night. She will be able to leave the institution in a few days.
Officers Hodgins and Duncan placed the Shepherd woman under arrest, and it is said a state warrant will be sworn out for her.

“More Trouble in Bean Row,” The St. Joseph Herald (St. Joseph, Missouri), 13 October 1899, page 5; digital image, ( : viewed online 22 February 2021).

The above article is for an Eliza King, which is Eliza’s married name in 1899. It also places both a Howard and an Elmer Hutchinson in the household. There is a Samuel R. King living at 3 Bean Row in the Combe Printing Company’s 1900 directory for St. Joseph. Unfortunately, it appeared that wives were not listed in this particular directory.

An earlier directory listed the inhabitants of Bean Row. I was able to use that list to locate one of those inhabitants in the 1900 census. This allowed me to verify that neither Eliza nor any of her family members were listed as an occupant of any house on Bean Row.

The above article is the only document showing a tie between a Howard Hutchinson and any member of Albert Hutchinson’s family. This supports that there was a Hutchinson son named Howard. Unfortunately, it does not help prove that the Howard Hutchinson who drowned is the same person as the Howard Hutchinson mentioned in this article.

Thus, there is more digging to do.

Howard Hutchinson

Have you ever had a family story that you just couldn’t prove? Did you give up on it?

That’s what I did with a story my grandmother included in one of her letter.

Guy and Al lived & died (I think) in St. Joe Mo. William was drowned in the Mo river while we still lived at Lansing.

I tried to find an obituary for William Hutchinson up and down the Missouri River for the right time period. As I did more and more research on the family, I kept finding William alive and with a family. Thus, I gave up on proving the drowning story.

As I was transcribing a letter in Albert Hutchinson’s pension file regarding Guy Hutchinson, I realized that it listed identified siblings of Guy.

but at the time his father applied for the pension there were only six living children: Albert G., William H., Howard E., Winnie M., and Eleanora M., also Guy Thomas.

I have ten children for the family of Albert Hutchinson and his wife Julia Harding, including Albert G., Wililam Henry, Winnie Mae, Elnora and Guy Thomas. But I don’t have Howard Hutchinson.

Knowing the family was in the area of St. Joseph, Missouri, I decided to search for a Howard Hutchinson between 1890 and 1920. And I found articles about his death. He drowned in the Missouri River in 1905. (Note: later searches of Ancestry and FamilySearch have so far not found this Howard Hutchinson.)

The following is from an article in the “Brief Local News” section of the Wathena Repubican (Wathena, KS) dated 2 June 1905:

The body of Howard Hutchinson who was drowned in the Missouri river during a severe storm the evening of March 27, while attempting to cross in a skiff, with four companions from a point opposite the water-works pumping station, was recovered near Winthrop Thursday afternoon. The body, which is badly decomposed, was brought to St. Joseph and conveyed to Meierhoffer’s morgue. The burial was Friday in Oakland cemetery. Hutchinson was twenty-four years of age, unmarried and lived in the French Bottoms. His body is the last of the five victims of the disaster to be recovered. Hutchinson formerly lived in Burr Oak Township.

Another article found was in the 26 May 1905 issue of the St. Joseph News-Press titled, Last Body Is Recovered

Last Body is Recovered

The Remains of Howard Hutchinson
Drowned March 27, Are Found
Near Winthrop

The body of Howard Hutchinson, who was drowned in the Missouri River during a severe storm the evening of March 27, while attempting to cross in a skiff, with four companions, from a point opposite the waterworks pumping station, was recovered near Winthrop yesterday afternoon. The body which is badly decomposed, was brought to St. Joseph and conveyed to Meierhoffer’s morgue. The burial was this afternoon, in Oakland cemetery.

Hutchinson was twenty-four years of age, unmarried and lived in the French Bottoms northwest of the city. His body is the last of the five victims of the disaster to be recovered.

Now comes the task of locating more information on this Howard Hutchinson!

Hutchinson Family

I found another interesting document in the complete pension file for Albert Hutchinson. This one dated in 1941, long after his death. It is a letter from the State Social Security Commission of Missouri regarding Guy Thomas Hutchinson. This letter identifies six children of Albert Hutchinson who were living at the time.

State Social Security Commission of Missouri

Buchanan County
St. Joseph, Missouri
March 8, 1941

Edward Dunkin

Veterans Administration
Washington, D.C.

S C 689511 [mxc] 3/17/41
Albert Hutchinson

Re: Hutchinson, Guy Thomas
Atten: Dependents Claims Service, Director


Mr. Guy Thomas Hutchinson has applied to this agency for Old Age assistance. He believes that he was born February 29, 1876, but he does not have satisfactory age proof.

In our interview with Mr. Hutchinson, it was learned that his father Albert Stevens Hutchinson, was a veteran of the Civil War. He was with the Union Army. Mr. Hutchinson believes that his father was a member of the thirteenth regiment of Iowa. He enlisted for one period and was mustered out and then reenlisted for three years.

Our applicant stated that when his father first applied for the Civil War pension he was living in Clay County, Mo. Mr. Hutchinson does not know the date of application but believes it was some time between 1890 and 1897. His father died in Doniphan County, Kansas, in 1897.

Mr. Hutchinson gave the following names as other members of the family: His mother was Julia Malida Harding and there were twelve children in the entire family but at the time his father applied for the pension there were only six living children: Albert G., William H., Howard E., Winnie M., and Eleanora M., also Guy Thomas.

We are wondering if your records relative to Mr. Hutchinson’s pension might reveal a verification of the birthdate as given by our applicant.

We appreciate your courtesy in extending this service.

Yours very truly,

Edward Dunkin, County Director
Buchanan County

Marjorie K. Bradley
(Mrs. Marjorie K. Bradley, Visitor

Approved By:
Gertrude Cope
Case Supervisor

Wedding Photos

Fearless Females – Marriage

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Here is your assignment, should you decide to accept it (you ARE reading this, so I assume that you really want to play along – cue the Mission Impossible music!):

1) Check out Lisa Alzo’s “Fearless Females 2021” blog post prompts and write about one of them.

“Do I have marriage records for my grandparents and great-grandparents?”

Grandparents: Leon Russel Crawford and Winnie Letha Currey were married on Christmas Eve in 1919 at the home of her sister in Dodge City, Kansas.

Grandparents: Edward Osmond Briles and Pauline Edith Mentzer were married on Oct. 29, 1915 in Yates Center, Kansas

Great Grandparents: Judson Foster Crawford married Josie Winifred Hammond on Christmas Eve 1890 in Dodge City, Kansas. (Photo is from their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.)

Great Grandparents: Hiram Miles Currey married Winnie Mae Hutchinson on May 13, 1891 in Jackson County, Missouri. I do not have a wedding picture for them or a picture of them together.

Great Grandparents: Edward Grant Briles married Frances Artlissa Ricketts on Feb. 19 1890 in Woodson County, Kansas. (Not sure when photo was taken, but it may have been for their 50th wedding anniversary.)

Great Grandparents: Charles Oliver Mentzer married Nettie Adell Wells on Oct 18, 1893 in Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas. (Photo taken later in their lives, but am unsure of date.)

Death Affidavit

I recently wrotethe blog post, Proving Death, about finding affidavits in the complete pension file for Albert Hutchinson that documented the deaths of both Albert Hutchinson and his first wife, Julia. While working with this file, I found another document that states the death date for Albert.

Below is a transcription of that affidavit.

General Affidavit

State of Missouri
County of Buchanan

In the matter of the claim for pension of Elmer E Hutchinson minor son of Albert Hutchinson

On this 25th day of September A.D. 1911, personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for the county aforesaid George Hockady and Peter Van Valkenburgh 61 & 69 years, a resident of St Joseph in the county of Buchanan and State of Missouri, and ___________ aged ______ years, a resident of ________ in the county of _______ and State of Missouri, whos Postoffice address is 1806 South 4th Street, well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit and who being duly sworn, declare in relation to said case as follows:

We were well acquainted with Albert Hutchison during his lifeitme and we saw him after he was dead we were present and assisted in laying him out and in preparing him for buriel we were also present at his funeral we know that Albert Hutchinson died on the 22nd day of July 1896 we know these facts from being present at the time.

The above testimony was written in my presence by W H Chattle from oral statement made by us to him on the 25th day of September 1911 at St Joseph Mo., and in making such statement I was not aided or prompted by any written statement at recital dictated by any other person and not attached as an exhibit tot he testimony. I further declare that I have no interest in said case and am not concerned in its prosecution.
George Hockaday
Peter Van Valkenbergh

Sworn to and subscribed before the this 25th day of September A.D> 1911 and I hereby certify that I have no interest and am not concerned in the prosecution of said claim, and tha tI read this foregoing to the deponents and that I [myself] subscribed and swore to the same with a full knowledge of its contents.

My term as Notary Public will expire July 17th 1911

W H Chattle
Notary Public

Marriage Affidavit

Affidavit of Henry Harding regarding marriages of Albert Hutchinson. (Note: Henry Harding was the brother of Julia Harding, first wife of Albert Hutchinson.)

Notice — The civil officer before whom I is affidavit is executed should be careful to fill in all spaces both in the cpation and jurat.

General Affidavit
State of Nebraska, County of Richardson, as:
In the matter of Claim of Elmer E Hutchinson

On this 4th day of September, A.D. 1911 personally
appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid
County and State, duly authorized to administer oaths Henry Harding
aged 65 years a resident of Rulo, in the
County of Richardson and State of Nebraska
whose Post Office address is Rulo Nebraska and
Edward Linle, aged 64 years, a resident of Rulo
Nebraska, in the County, Richardson
whose Post Office address is Rulo Nebraska
well known to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation
to the aforesaid case as follows: We wer well and intimately
acquainted with Albert J Hutchinson
knew hime before he arrived at a
marriageable age and we know and affirm
that he was not married prior to
his marriage to his first wife Julia
our acquaintance with him was
such that had such been the case we
would have know it
we also know and affirm that the
said Albert Hutchinson did not remarry
after the death of his first wife Julia
until he was married to Eliza
Valkenburg on the 8th day of August 1893

they further declare that they have no interest in said case and __ not concerned
in its posecution.
Henry Harding
Edward Linkle

Muster Roll

From Albert Hutchinson’s Civil War Military File

Mustered In

H 1 Cav Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Appears with rank of Pvt on
Muster and Descriptive Rolle of a Detach-
ment of U.S. Vols. forwarded
for the 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry. Roll dated
Davenport Iowa, Sept. 30, 1962
Where born North Hampton New York
Age 25 years; occupation farmer
When enlisted Sept. 1 186_
Where enlisted Independence
For what period enlisted 3 years
Eyes Black; hair black
Complexion dark; height 5 ft 4 in
When mustered in – _ 186_
Where mustered in – _ 186_
Bounty Paid $ _ 100; due $ ___100 Whee credited _______
Company to which assigned _
Valuation of horse, $ _ 1– Valuation of horse equipments, $ __ 1000
Remarks: Bounty $25; Premium $4
Bookmark General Notation, 2601 A, 1876
Easterling, Copyist

Supplies own horse

H 1 Cav. Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Pvt, Co. D, 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for Jan. & Feb. 1863
Present or absent Presents
Stoppage, $ _ 100 for __
Due Gov’t, $ _100 for _
Valuation of horse, $ _ 100 Valuation of horse euqipments, $ _ 100
Remarks: furnished horse
& horse equipments
since Jan 1/63.
Equipments not
paid for but charged
on Dec’r rolls
Book mark: __

Mustered Out

H 1 Cav Iowa
Alberth Hutchinson
Pvt, Co D, 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry
age 25 years
Appears on
Detachment Muster-out Roll
of the organization named above. Roll Dated
Little Rock, Ark Mch 14 1864
Muster out date Dec 31, 1863
Last paid to Dec 31, 1863
Clothing account:
Last Settled , 186 ; drawn since $ __ /100
Due soldier $ _ /100; due U.S. $ _ /100
Am’t for cloth’g in kind or money adv’d $ 36 37/100
Due U.S. for arms, equiments, &c., $ _ /100 Bounty paid $25 00/100; due /100
Valuation of horse, $ _ /100 Valuation of horse equipments, $ _ /100
Remarks: Clothing account settled
to Aug. 31, 1863. Clothing allowance
due from Aug. 31, 63 Stop
for one sabre knot, one [screw]
Book Mark: _
G W Davis


H 1 Cav. Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Pvt, Co D, 1 reg’t Iowa Cavalry.
Appears on
M. and D. Roll of Veteran Volunteers
of the organizaton named above. Roll dated
Little Rock Ark, Mch 14, 1864
When enlisted Jany 1, 1864
[to date from] re Enlistment
When mustered in Mch 14, 1864
Bounty paid $ _ /100; due $ 60 00/100 Company to which assigned D Valuation of Horse, $ /100
Valuation of horse equipments, $ __
Remarks: $13 advance pay & 2 00/
premium due
Residence. Independence
Buchanan Co Iowa 3rd Dist
Book Mark:

Absent without Leave

H 1 Cav. Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Pvt, Co. D, 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for May & June 1864
Present or Absent Absent
Stoppage, $ _ /100 for _
Due Gov’t, $ _/100 for
Valuation of horse, $ /100 Valuation of horse equipments, $ /100
Remarks: Vet Vol Third Enstall-
ment Bounty due absent
without leave since June
Book mark: _

Docked Pay for absence

H 1 Cav. Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Pvt, Co. D, 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry
Appears on
Company Muster Roll
for July & Aug 1864
Present or absent Present
Stoppage, $_____/100 for _
Due Gov’t, $ /100 for
Valuation of horse, $_____?100
Valuation of horse equipments, $ _/100
Remakrs: Vet Vol. 3rd Install-ment bounty due [Slot] for
absence without leave
from Juen 18 to June 30th
64 by order of Gen B Fisk
Book mark:__

Mustered Out

H 1 Cav. Iowa
Albert Hutchinson
Pvt, Co. D, 1 Reg’t Iowa Cavalry
age 27 years
Appears on Co. Muster-out Roll, dated
Austin Tex, Feb 15, 1866
Muster out date Feb 15, 1866
Last paid to June 30, 1865
Clothing account
Last settled , 186 ; drawn since $ /100
Due Soldier $1 10/100; due U.S. $ /100
am’t for cloth’g in kind or money adv’d $ /100
Due U.S. for arms, equipments, &c., $ 14 48/100
Bounty paid $ 200 00/100; Due $ 140 00/100
Valuation of horse, $ _ /100
Valuation of horse equipments, $ _ /100
Remarks: Joined as a recruit
as within state. Reenlisted
as a veteran Jan 17 64
arms retained per G.O.
no 101 series of 1866
Book mark: 885-B-188 (over)
S W Williams

June 14 10524559 1891
driver & cone wrench &
one bushe wiper & thong
mustered out pursuant
to circular from the War
Dept. dated Feb 11, 1864
authorizing the renenlist
ment as Vet vols of
recruits of 1862 in old
organizations of the
state of Iowa, with the
condition that he for
foeits the $100 Bounty
provided by Sec. 5, act
of congress approved
July 22, 1861
Dischrged by virtue
of reenlistment as Vet
vol. per G.O. No. 191 &
War Dept, Series
of 1863

Pension Dropped

From the military and pension file of Albert Hutchinson.

(Pensioner Dropped)
Stamped Jul 20 1897
U. S. Pension Agency
Topeka, Kans.
May 31, 1897, 189
Hon. H. Clay Evans,
Commissioner of Pensions
I hereby report that the name of Albert Hutchinson
Act June 27, 1890, who was a pensioner on the rolls
of this agency, under Certificate No. 689.511 and who was last paid
at $12, to 4 May 1896, has been dropped
because of his death. Pt D 1 Ioa Cav
Date of place of death not given
Very respectfully,
G. W. Glickle
Pension agent