Logan vs McElwee

Lincoln County Kentucky
Court Order Books 1781-1919

Vols. 1-2 1781-1786
FS Film 192253 – DGS 7763893

Image 115
August Court 1783

James Logan Plt
Jane McElwee Deft

In Ejectment for
One [Ucssuage] ten acre
of arable land situate in the county of Lin
coln and Parish of Kentucky

This day came the parties by their Attornies, and
came also a Jury (to wit) Wiliam Montomery
Samuel Haddon, John Sellers, William McClure
James Davis, Robert Moore, William Logan, John
Hinkson William Montgomery Junr, William cavva
naugh, Robert Leason and William Steele, who
being elected tried and sworn well and truly to try the
Issue joined upon their oaths do say that the defendant
is in no wise guilty of the tresspass & ejectment in the
declaration mentioned as by pleading he hath alledged
It is therefore the opinion of the Court that the Plaintiff
take nothing by his Bill but for his false clamour
be in mercy and that the said defendant go hence
without day and recover against the Plaintiff his costs
by him and his defence in this behalf expended

Image 116
August 1783
Ordered that Jane McElwee pay Thomas [Phalin]
fifty pounds of tobacco for two days attendance as a
Witness for her at the first of James Logan