Corn Stalk Militia

As you’ve watched one of the many genealogy videos on YouTube have you ever heard a reference to a uniquely named source that you thought ‘I just have to check that’! That was my experience as I watched video of a webinar discussing Kentucky records prior to 1850.

While the webinar mentioned many sources that I need to research, the book Corn Stalk Militia caught my attention. The preface of this book discusses the organization of the militia prior to 1811. The bulk of the book identifies the commissioned officers in the militia from 1792 thru 1811.

Hoping that I could learn a little more about the Crawford lines I’m researching in early Kentucky, I searched this book for the Crawford surname and found the following serving as an officer in the militia.

Page 21
Madison County Regiments
[19th Regiment laid off March 2, 1795]
page 22
Crawford, Edward Ensign, 19th Regiment May 20, 1795

page 101
Henry County Regiment
[Laid off December 11, 1799]
page 102
Crawford, James Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion, 38th Regiment April 9, 1800
Crawford, James Captain 38th Regiment March 23, 1801

page 134
Nelson County Regiments
Crawford, Hugh Ensign, 2nd Regiment July 27, 1801

page 137
Ohio and Breckinridge Regiment
[Laid off December 13, 1800]
[Designated as Ohio County Regiment December 10, 1804]
Crawford, Mason Ensign 49th Regiment August 3, 1802
Crawford Samuel, Lieutenant, 49th Regiment October 10, 1802

page 148
Warren County Regiments
[61st Regiment created December 10, 1804]
Crawford, Anthony Lieutenant, 25th Regiment July 4, 1804

My search also turned up two members of my James Crawford FAN Club: Thomas Kennedy, Moses Dooley and John Anderson.

Page 1
General Officers
Kennedy, Thomas Brigadier General, 2nd Brigade Disqualified

page 7
Madison County Regiment
Page 8
Commissioned Officers
Dooley, Moses Captain, 7th Regiment August 9, 1792

While I don’t know whether the John Anderson serving as a lieutenant in the 19th regiment from Madison County is the father of Rebecca Anderson, it is possible the militia officer is her father. He is listed on page 21 in the same regiment as Edward Crawford whose entry is on page 22.

Not only does the preface contain historical information for the formation of these militia companies, it also contains information to access the original sources for the commissioning of the officers.

So, if you have ancestors in early Kentucky, remember to check out the Corn Stalk Militia book!

Captain Love’s Company of Militia

On my way home from the Northeast Kansas Library System’s monthly board meeting, I stopped in Topeka to use the library and archives at the Kansas State Historical Society. One of the books I used was Montgomery County, Virginia: The First 100 Years. [Text by Judge C. W. Crush; Index by Mrs. Frances Terry Ingmire. St. Louis, MO: Mrs Terry Ingmire, 1982.]

On page 94 of this book is a list of Captain Love’s Company of Militia. Since James Crawford was listed as a lieutenant for the company, this list may prove useful to my Crawford research. By knowing the names of the various men in this company, I can search their pension records for mention of James Crawford (or any other Crawford).

Page 94

A list of Capt. Love’s Compy. of Militia — April 5th 1781
William Love, Capt.
James Crawford, Lt.
James Smith, Lt.
James White, Ensign
George Erving, Sergt
David Busher, Sergt
Philip Dutting
John Lashley
John King
Abram Gooding
Christley Vaught
George Vaught
Nathan Morgan
Archy Reagh
William Smith
Peter Neast
Warren Filpot
Adm Dulton
Peter Greger
Peter Laughton
James Fork
John Vaught
David Vaught
Jese James
James James
William Moore
John Brown
Geo. Douglas
Danl. Pearee
Edward Crawford
Michl Plankepicker
Gasper Vaught
David Kirkwood
William James
Kaser Wells
Hugh Con
Christopher Bulyes
Mikl. Burton
John Burton
Zac. Plankepicker
Michl. Branser
John Hunt