Harris Pickett Marriage

“Social and Personal,” The Washington Post (Washington, District of Columbia), 14 November 1906, page 7; digital image, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : viewed online September 2019).

Mrs. Sallie Vawter Harris and Mr.
Theodore J. Pickett will be married at
4 o’clock this afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Harris’ brother-in-law and sister,
Judge and Mrs. William A. Milliken, 2017
Massachusetts avenue. There will be no
attendants. On account of mourning, the
ceremony will be witnessed only by the
immediate members of the family. IT
will be performed by Rev. Frederick D.
Power, pastor of the Vermont avenue
Christian Church. Mrs. Harris is a native
of Kentucky, a daughter of the late Rev.
Philemon Vawter and of the late Mrs.
Martha Humphreys Vawter. She belongs
to the Beverley, Humphreys, Jamison,
and Vawter families of Virginia, Ken-
tucky and Mississippi.
Mr. Pickett, who is the son of the late
Col. John T. Pickett, of Confederate
fame, was in the consular service of the
United States, and held diplomatic and
military positions under the Confederacy.
Col. Pickett accompanied Lopez to Cuba
and commanded at the battle of Cardenas.
Mr. Pickett’s grandfather was Col. James
C. Pickett, judge advocate of the army
during the war of 1812. The bridegroom
is a well-known clubman and lawyer of