DNA Haplogroup

Thanks to some updates to the yDNA test I manage, my Crawford line (James Crawford – born 1772, died 1854) has been assigned a new Haplogroup: R-A13336. Previously, we had been grouped in the larger R-M269 Haplogroup. According to a Crawford project administrator, I also share the Y30725 terminal SNP with another match. It is my understanding that work is still being done to determine which is older: the A13336 or the Y30725.

Thus, I can use the R-A13336 haplogroup to identify my closest Crawford yDNA matches. These matches have identified the following ‘earliest known yDNA ancestors’.

  • Robert Crawford II – born 1752
  • Richard Crawford – born 1777 Barbados, d 1850 Curacao
  • John Crawford – died early 1700s
  • James Craufurd – born 1641 Scotland, died 1683 Delaware
  • Hugh Crawford 

If I also look at the R-Y30725 match, then I can add another earliest known yDNA ancestor

  • Edward Crawford – born 1770 in PA or VA, died 1826 Overton County, TN

At this point, I am clueless as to how my Crawford line might connect to these other Crawford lines. However, I am going to expand my research into the following areas:

  • Overton County, TN
  • Orange County, NC
  • Nelson County, KY

As I look at Crawford records in these new areas, I’m also going to look for ties between the families of early Garrard, Lincoln and Madison counties in Kentucky and the Crawford families in these new areas. I’m also hoping to collaborate with descendants of each of these matches. Hopefully, we can figure out how we are related and in the process find more yDNA cousins.