Saturday Tidbits

Courier tribune
13 May 1940
page 2

Former Sabetha Boy Captain in Air Corps

First Lieutenant Carl R. Feldmann, U. S. Army Air Corps was promoted to captain on May 8. He has served 10 years at Selridge Field, Mich., Randolph Field, Texas, Chanute Field, Ill, March Field, Calif and is now stationed at Hickman Field, Hawaii.
Two bombardment groups, consisting of three squadrons each of big Army bombers are located at Hickman, which has about 12 miles from Honolulu. It is the larges air field in the Army, and one barracks alone one the field will house 3,000 soldiers.

Captain Feldmann is base engineering officer of Hickam Field being on the special staff of the post commander, ol. S. w. Fitzgerald. He probably will be returned to the United States next February, in a group of 20 officers from Hawaii who will take the tactical course at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala. — The Horton Headlight.

Capt. Feldmann is a former Sabetha young man. His wife is a daughter of Col. Chas. H. Browne of the Horton Headlight.

Saturday Tidbits

Swiss Army

January 1, 1940
page 4

His Brother in Swiss Army
Emil Paul, who is employed at Moser Brothers, received a letter from his mother in Switzerland, saying his half brother is in the Swiss army and another half brother will also be in the army. Mr. Paul says the boys spend two months in the army and then are given two weeks in which they can spend in their homes. Mr. Paul says if he was in Switzerland he would be in the army.

Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
Monday, January 15, 1940
page 6

News of Neighbors

Alvin Gugelman left Tuesday for San Diego, where he will take up his new duties in the navy.

Grant Andrick who joined the navy two months ago and has been in training near Chicago was given a furlought for a visit home with his mother and other relatives. Grant will return Thursday and go to Norfolk Vt for continued training.

Courier Tribune
29 Jan 1940
page 6

News of Neighbors

Gerald Moore — grandson of Mrs. Elizabeth Dorman, has been here for a short visit with his relatives. Gerald has completed one term of service in the Navy and is re-enlisting. He will go to San Diego when his vacation is over.

Courier Tribune
26 Feb 1940

Donald Croffoot, who enlisted in the navy Feb. 6, was transferred to the U.S. Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Ill., for an eight-week training period prior to being transferred to a ship in the fleet or a navy trade school. Donald is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Croffoot.

Courier Tribune
11 March 1940

“Domer District”

Harold Wiseman, formerly of Domer district, is now stationed in South American waters. Since Harold, joined the navy he has had five promotions and is now second gunner and may soon be first gunner which means he will have supervision of all the guns of the ship. We are certainly proud of him.

Courier Tribune
25 March 1940

“Aviator Jesse Wilcox Located at Norfolk”

Jesse Wilcox, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wilcox of [south] of Goff, aviator in the U.S. Navy, is now stationed at Norfolk, Va., after two months at the naval base in Cuba. His parents enjoyed a holiday trip of 11 day to California and went through the ship Jesse flew to Cuba. Mrs. Jesse Wilcox is with her parents at Mullinville, but they hope to be located back in Sand Diego in the spring. Goff Advance.

Corning Gazette
28 March 1940

“Centralia News”
George long has joined the Navy.

War Memorial

Today is Veteran’s Day

In the past, I have honored my veteran ancestors with a special post.

Today, I’m going to participate in the Honor Roll Project by transcribing the brass plate mounted in front of the Nemaha County Courthouse.

War Memorial

In Memory of the Persons who were killed in action from Nemaha County, Kansas

World War I

Anderson, Roy

Armstrong, David w.

Bell, Hilbert

Green, Robert G.

Gress, Joseph M

Healt, Arlington A.

Henry, Joseph

Horth, Harold

Jacobson, Clyde –???

Jones, Palmer

Largent, Harry

Levick, John W.

Markely, William N.

Masterson, Alva H.

McConell, Elmer

McDaniel, Everett

McDaniel, Guy

Meyer, John G.

Miller, Clyde C

Mills, Arthur L.

Moyer, Delbert M.

Nickodemus, Howard

Palmer, John

Rettele, Benedict H.

Root, Frank H.

Schumaker, Charles E.

Summers, william F.

Taylor, Earle W.

Thieme, Eitel F.

Second Column

World War II

Armstrong, Leroy

Allen, Ralph ???

Barrett, Lewis

Becker, Bernard

Bieri, George

Bieri, RIchard

Binder, Richard

Boeding, Joseph M

Boeding, Paul

Brown, Virgil

Dailey, John

Domer, Carol E.

Enneking, Joseph

Fund, Roy

Griffith, Robert

Guilford, William

Hunninghake, henry

Johnson, Joseph

Kellenberger, Galen

Kokenge, francis

Kohake, George

Long, Francis

Meyer, Earl

Moore, George

Nolte, Cyril

Rettele, Adrian

Rokey, Raymond

Schafer, Frank

Schultejans, Bernard

Third column

World War II

Shaw, Robert

Skinner, Haley

Smith, Jonas

Seringer, G. W. III

Strahm, Elgin

Tate, Moses

Wek, George

Welliver, Eldon

Winterscheidt, l.

Woltkamp, Raymond

Young, George

Korean War


Reid, Patrick

Vietnam War

Luckert, Edward R.

Thompson, Cecil T.

Saturday Tidbits

Courier Tribune
February 1, 1940

Seneca Youth Seeks to Fly

To Enroll in Naval Training

The Navy department has approved the application of LeRoy Floyd Armstrong, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Armstrong, Seneca, for Naval Reserve flight training in the class commencing Feb. 15, it was announced today by the commanding officer of the Naval Reserve Aviation Base At Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, Mo.
He will report at the Kansas City base Feb. 15 for 30 day’s training which includes 10 hours of flight instruction. Upon successful completion of this course he will be ordered to the U.S. Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida where he will be given the complete course in flight training required of all Naval aviators. Upon completion of this course he will be commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve and may be ordered to one of the aircraft squadrons of the fleet for active duty with full pay and allowances of his rank.
Applicants for this flight training curse, which convenes monthly, must have at least two years of university or college education and be a citizen of the United States between the ages of 20 and 27.
Men who take the course receive a substantial monthly salary during the entire period and a cash bonus of $500.00 upon the completion of four years’ duty.

Saturday Tidbits

Seneca Youth to U.S. Marines

Dwight Rickman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rickman, leaves today for Kansas City where he will complete arrangements to go to San Diego for enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps. Dwight’s examining physician, Dr. H. G. Snyder, pronounced him a perfect specimen of physical manhood.. He weighs about 205 pounds. Two other boys have taken preliminary steps to enlistment in the U.S. Navy.

The Courier Tribune, June 27, 1940, page 2

Letters Home

Dwight Rickman, with the Marines, writes his parents he has completed the preliminary training and was returning to the base at San Diego yesterday. He is eligible to the marine school, has received a medal for efficiency.

The Courier Tribune, August 19, 1940, page 3.

Dwight Rickman, in his weekly letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Rickman, says that he received a first rating Sept. 21 and was enrolled in “C” School Marines Corps Base, San Diego. His address is Private Dwight C. Rickman, Marine Corps Base, San Diego, Calif.

The Courier Tribune, October 3, 1940, page 3.

Dwight H. Rickman, Private First Class, U.S. Marines has a new address. It is 5th Division, U.S.S. Astoria, Long Beach, California.

The Courier Tribune, November 4, 1940. page 3.

Seneca area newspapers are available online at

Saturday Tidbits

Nemaha County American Legion provides ‘send off’ for first draftees called into service in February 1941.

Legion to Honor
Draftees at Bern

Nemaha county Legionnaires
will honor 1941 draftees just as
the Old Soldiers of the Civil War
honored the Boys of ’17 and ’18
That was decided at a meeting of
the Legion at Centralia. Next
county meeting will be held at
Bern. The next contingent of the
draft will be escorted to Bern by
the ex-service men and there will
be an appropriate program.
Earle W. Taylor Post gave an
oyster supper tot he Auxiliary at
the club rooms here Thursday
nigh, an informal and highly en-
joyed evening. Legionnaires pre-
pared the oysters and trimmings.

“Legion to Honor Draftees at Bern,” Courier Tribune. page 2, 27 Jan 1941. Available online.

Boys of ‘17;
Boys of ‘41

United at Bern

The Legion in a Send-
Off to Next
Monday’s Selectees

The boys of ‘17 had a chance Monday night to see just how robust they were when Uncle Sam drafted them to go to the first World war. In comparison wit the huskies who leave early Monday morning to answer the call of the country, Old Elmer of the American Legion finds himself bog spavined and windbroken.

It all happened in Bern Monday night when 85 Legionnaires,
who belong to six posts in this county, joined in wishing the recruits happy landings. If the real truth is known — and Acting County Commander Harley E. Wilcox expressed the thought the Old soldiers feel their noses are out of joint.

“We are envious of the youth that lets you go,” said Wilcox. “We sincerely hope that you will not be called into conflict but if it does come to that we want you to know we are behind you 100 per cent. There is something in army service that inspires a man — more than anything else on earth — to love of country and we know you too will feel the thrill of the Old Red, White and Blue.”

Only five of the 14 selectees were in Bern Monday night but it was explained that the demands on the time of the boys are so heavy this week that some found they could not fill all their dates, considering too, their datings.

Andy Strahm, Bern commander, who was a member of the first contingent of five men which went to Camp Funston on the first draft in ‘17, opened Monday night’s proceedings and ordered the flag advanced.

Scott Berridge, Holton, who is expected to be a candidate for Kansas department commander next fall, gave the principal address. After urging all ex-service men to register in next Saturday’s enrollment, Mr. Berridge, held close attention, by his eloquence. He feels the Legion has no apology to make for its 22 year contribution to American thought but he also thinks the organization should adapt itself to the rapidly changing events of the day.

“As a matter of fact,” he said, “The Legion is only at the threshold of its influence for Americans may soon be called up to make sober decisions which may profoundly affect what we are pleased to call the American way of life.”

Berridge traced the beginnings of the American way in the Declaration of Confederation, te Constitution and the Bill of Rights; called attention to freedom of assembly, speech and press and the right of petition and inquired where on the continent of Europe such privileges exist today. He thinks America again faces a crisis in the breaking of pledges and treaties. He believes the mission of the Legion is to cultivate a group mind among Americans that will stamp out subversive influences for all time.

“America,” he told the Legion, “stands as the last stronghold of human liberties. We have been too materialistic. We need to remind ourselves that the individual is more important than dividends.

“Our national debt is appalling,” he said, “and yet I am more afraid of bankrupt ideals than I am of bankrupt economy.”

Berridge cautioned the selectees not to allow themselves to be dismayed by the little hardships of army life. “Some of you will probably not care for it but others will come to love it. The public will be watching you,” he said, “and deeply concerned in your welfare. you are conditioning your minds and bodies for the preservation — if need be — of those things which re dearer than life itself.”

Harold Geiger, Sabetha, implored Legionnaires to buy uniforms. The Legion full dress outfit can not be obtained for 412.

The county Legion will meet in Sabetha early in April, the March meeting to be skipped. The district convention will be held in Atchison May 4th and 5th.

“We’re a Little Envious,” They Say

Legionnaires of the associated Nemaha county posts, gave their younger buddies a “send off” in a meeting at Bern Monday night. Acting Commander Harley E. Wilcox, addressing the Boys of ‘41, confessed some degree of envy of their youth and their opportunity to defend the Old Flag.

Shown standing in this picture left to right, are five Nemaha county selectees. Four of the five are to report for duty at midnight Sunday, leaving at 2:00 a.m. eastbound for the reception center at Leavenworth. They are Robert G. Adriance, Seneca; Gerald Wempe, Seneca; Cyril Olberding, Baileyville; and Clarence Hazlett, Onaga. Homer Turner, Oneida, fifth in this row, probably will not get to go with this contingent, being at the foot of the list and displaced by volunteers.

The Legionnaires shown above are: second row, left to right: Edward R. Levick, post commander, Seneca; Scott Berridge, Holton, who stands a good show of being the next department commander of Kansas; Harley E. Wilcox, county adjutant. Bottom row, Ray Condit, post commander, Centralia; Andy Strahm, post commander, Bern.

“Boys of ’17. Boys of ’41, United at Bern,” The Courier Tribune, 20 Feb 1941, page 2. Available online.

Saturday Tidbits

Draft List

Courier Tribune
January 23, 1941
page 1

Draft List
Is Complete
Last Names Today

County has 1696 Regular
Numbers; Ment Taking
Physical Exams

The Courier-Tribune has
been printing the official
draft order list of numbers
and names, as a matter of
public service, a limited
section at a time. The list is
completed in today’s paper.
The county has 1696 names on
its regular list. In the govern-
ment’s drawing of lots, the last
man in the county whose name
will be called is Thomas Patrick
Graney of northeast of Seneca.
Since the regular numbers
were drawn, two other men, Her-
man John Sunneberg and Francis
Paul Sunneberg have been trans-
ferred to the Nemaha County list
from Marshall county, since their
legal residence is this county.
Numbers were drawn for them.
To save revision of the regular
list, Herman Sunneberg is listed
as No. 145A, his number to follow
the regular No. 145; Francis Sun-
neberg becomes No. 312A, next in
order after the regular 312.
Men listed in class NO. 1A are
being given medical examination,
in turn. The government is
“pretty Fussy” in its standards and
acting in accordance doctors found
only 11 of the first 19 men ex-
amined were completely fit. Six
others were dropped to class 1-B
as fit for limited service; two to
class 4-F as physically disqualified.
The draft order listing is com-
pleted below:
Draft Order
(Official List Continued)
1611 Joe Join Heinen
1612 Walter Fredrick Ditzfield
1613 Virgil Lee Slack
1614 Joseph Andrew Gudenkauf
1615 Maurice Latimer Wheeler
1616 Anthony John Rethman
1617 Anthony Mathias Schmidt
1618 James Edward Bartrum
1619 Virgil Morris Vestal
1620 James Francis Kromer
1621 John Alvy Beer
1622 David James Ducy
1623 Lawrence Fred Tangeman
1624 Clarence Paul Huerter
1625 Benedict Laurence Holthaus
1626 Russell John Mishler
1627 Ernest Frederick Ulmer
1628 Aloysius Peter Kongs
1629 Leonard Edward Lauer
1630 Marvin Eugene Jellison
1631 Arthur Edwin Wempe
1632 John Raymond Giesel
1633 Joseph Wm Wardlow
1634 Arthur Theodore Lindeen
1635 Thomas Joseph Henry
1636 Rex Gordon Snyder
1637 Joseph William Stuke
1638 Raymond Leo Becker
1639 Melbourne Miller McAferty
1640 Alcide Albert Charbonneau
1641 Lawrence John Winkler
1642 Raymond Alfred Bucher
1643 Lynn Frederick Eisenbarth
1644 Lyman Max Lyon
1645 Leonard Henry Grollmes
1646 Oscar Clempton Warfel
1647 Paul Raymond Hiltibrand
1648 Leland Daniel Strahm
1649 Harlan Jacob Wittmer
1650 Francis Loyd Turner
1651 Wilbur Summer Spiker
1652 Henry Joseph Holthaus
1653 Henry Joseph Buessing
1654 Raphael Josesph Lackey
1655 Emery Chester Grove
1656 Peter Henry Haverkamp
1657 Alber S. Hay, Jr
1658 Leo Lawrence Crevier
1659 Glenn Edward Jerome
1660 Roy Howard Rake
1661 Harold John Snyder
1662 Wm. Henry Slack
1663 Charles Joseph Liening
1664 Lawrence Fredilon Tanking
1665 Barrett Afred Hamilton
1666 Sylvester Clarence Strathman
1667 Lloyd Hobert Nutter
1668 Hugh Ashley Mitchell

Saturday Tidbits

Draft Order

Courier Tribune
January 20, 1941
page 2

(Official List Continued)

1551 Donald Kirk Piper
1552 Roy Lee Brannum
1553 James Allen Poore Sr
1554 Lynval Eugene Ball
1555 Robert Melvin Lowe
1556 Amos C Ulmer
1557 Earl Orrin Minturn
1558 Ben Henry Otting
1559 Clear Walters
1560 Clarence Bernard Hammes
1561 Alphonse Henry Enneking
1562 Paul Kenneth McNary
1563 Edwin Peter Rochel
1564 Darwin Ernest Neil
`1565 Sylvester M. Ronnebaum
1566 Ben Plattner
1567 John Edward Sauer
1568 Willis Walter Schuneman
1569 Solomon Herman Meyer
1570 Elmer Edward Krebs
1571 Chas M. Vorhees Jr
1572 Marvin Lewis Katz
1573 Albert Benedict Hermesch
1574 Ural Vincent Davis
1575 Paul Benedict Schmitz
1576 Alvin Streit
1577 Merrill Melvin Wright
1578 Walter Albert Wichman
1579 Edwin Aloysius Ronnebaum
1580 Celestine Bernard Hulsing
1581 Raymond William Boltz
1582 Marcellus John Koch
1583 Harry Henry Johnstone
1584 Vincent Benedict Henry
1585 Isaac William Hidy
1586 Marcellus Edward Boeding
1587 Arthur R. Zimmerman
1588 LeRoy Glen Myers
1589 John Foster Quinn
1590 Louis Charles Enneking
1591 Roy Edgar Sewell
1592 Delmas Irvel Nusbaum
1593 Wm. H. Hilbert Jr
1594 Carl E. Baumgartner
1595 Paul A. Conner
1596 James Henry Boydston
1597 James Ivan Woolsoncroft
1598 Clifford Lue McKinsey
1599 Clarence Lafayete Ash
1600 Russell Albert Coe
1601 Albertle Thorne Miller
1602 Andrew Henry Grollmes
1603 Ralph Edward Kreiser
1604 Neil E. Bestcik
1605 Richard Gharst
1606 Joseph Henry Strathman
1607 Regis Francis Stallbaumer
1608 Loren Wayne Bloom
1609 Paul Peter Koch
1610 Merrill Orlin Wood

Saturday Tidbits

1940 Military Draft

Courier Tribune
January 20, 1941

To Call 14 in February
For Army Service

Quota for Nemaha
County is Part of State
Total of 2,884 Men

Nemaha county’s quota of
one many for the January
draft is being filled today
and a new quota has been
announced for February.
The February call is much
larger. It is for 14 men. The
exact date they will go is
not certain.
Reception center for Nemaha
county men is Fort Leavenworth.
Leavenworth will receive men
from a large number of draft
areas, on the period beginning
February 10 and ending Feb.
Leavenworth will receive a total
of 1,817 men, 884 will report
to Wichita and 183 will go from
Kansas to Omaha, to make up the
state’s February total of 2,884
Arthur B. Harrter of Sabetha,
who fills the county’s January
quota, was given opportunity to
go to Leavenworth by train,
starting from Seneca tonight, but
is planning to go today by car.
Harrter works for Cook-Jones
Motor Co., at Sabetha and will
be taken to Leavenworth from
Half Pass Physical Exams
How far down the draft order
list will Nemaha county’s quota
of 14 for February reach? Your
guess is as good as that of any
one else. The answer is likely
to No. 140 or 150.
Of the first 340 men classified
by the Nemaha county draft
board 69 were placed in Class
1-A as being subject to immed-
iate call, if found medically fit.
This is a proportion of approxi-
mately one out of five. However,
about half of the men placed in
1-A are being rejected in the
medical examination, making the
proportion of those who are
ready to go and fit as-well, ap-
proximaately one man to every
10 registered. Selection of 14
men for February call may
thus sift the lest as far as Order
No. 140 or farther.