DNA Haplogroup

Thanks to some updates to the yDNA test I manage, my Crawford line (James Crawford – born 1772, died 1854) has been assigned a new Haplogroup: R-A13336. Previously, we had been grouped in the larger R-M269 Haplogroup. According to a Crawford project administrator, I also share the Y30725 terminal SNP with another match. It is my understanding that work is still being done to determine which is older: the A13336 or the Y30725.

Thus, I can use the R-A13336 haplogroup to identify my closest Crawford yDNA matches. These matches have identified the following ‘earliest known yDNA ancestors’.

  • Robert Crawford II – born 1752
  • Richard Crawford – born 1777 Barbados, d 1850 Curacao
  • John Crawford – died early 1700s
  • James Craufurd – born 1641 Scotland, died 1683 Delaware
  • Hugh Crawford 

If I also look at the R-Y30725 match, then I can add another earliest known yDNA ancestor

  • Edward Crawford – born 1770 in PA or VA, died 1826 Overton County, TN

At this point, I am clueless as to how my Crawford line might connect to these other Crawford lines. However, I am going to expand my research into the following areas:

  • Overton County, TN
  • Orange County, NC
  • Nelson County, KY

As I look at Crawford records in these new areas, I’m also going to look for ties between the families of early Garrard, Lincoln and Madison counties in Kentucky and the Crawford families in these new areas. I’m also hoping to collaborate with descendants of each of these matches. Hopefully, we can figure out how we are related and in the process find more yDNA cousins.

Identifying Parents

Have you had a set of parents for an ancestor in your tree for years when you discover another researcher has a different set of parents? I recently made that discovery for my ancestor Sarah Rush Briles (KP93-T9C) on Family Search.

Seeing this other set of parents made me question whether I had made a mistake. I knew that my old research included a transcription  of a petition for dower that was printed in The Genealogical Journal of Randolph County, NC (Vol 3, #4, pages 5-6)

This transcript shows Sallie Rush as the plaintiff. Listed among the defendants is Alexander Briles and wife Sallie. The body of the petition identifies Sally Rush as the widow of Noah Rush deceased.


With the parentage of Sarah Rush Briles now in question and my documentation based on a transcript, I knew I had to either find the actual petition for dower or some other document to support my case. By searching Ancestry, I was able to locate the probate papers for Noah Rush in North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998.

Towards the first of the packet is a petition to sell land. This petition names Alexander Briles and Sallie Briles his wife as one of the defendants. Later in the petition, it indicates that Alexander Briles and Sallie live in Kansas.

Rush, Noah Probate Papers
from North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998
available on Ancestry at
Image 60901


Superior Court ____ Randolph County
Ransom W Harris as
Admin of Noah Rush Pltff

Petition to Sell Lands to pay debts

Rev. Zebadee Rush
Milton Blair and wife Mary Blair
Franklin Johnson and wife Martha Johnson
Alexander Briles and wife Sally Briles
Branson Briles and wife Dorcus Briles
George G Rush, John C Rush
Noah Rush, Nancy Wade
Sallie Hatfield, Zebadee Rush Junr
George Gastinow and wife Mary
Martha Rush, Nancy Rush
Louix Rush and Laura Rush
The last three by their guardian Louis Rush
To the honrable A. W. Lougee Judge of Said Court

The petition of R. W. Harris as Administrator
of Noah Rush deceased, respectfully showeth unto
your honor
That he qualified as administrator on the estate of the
said Noah Rush before B Bu Bulla Probate Judge of
said county during the year 1870
That the amount of the debts outstanding against the


Rush, Noah Probate Papers
from North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998
available on Ancestry at
Image 60902

estate from the best information and knowledge which
he has been enabled to obtain is about three hundred
and fifty dollars, that the charges of administration will in
his opinion amount to about two hundred and fifty dollars
and there was [apeped] to be paid to the
widow in cash towards her years support two hundred
and fifty eight 30/100 dollars, making the entire
liabilities of the estate from the foregoing sources about
eight hundred and forthy eight 30/100 dollars
That the value of the personal estate of his intestate is
about three hundred and eighty five dollars. that of
this form of three hundred and eighty five dollars, a
portion is outstanding as yet, uncollected; which wo
much thereof as your Petitioner has been enabled to
collect has been nearly all paid out on the costs and
charges of the administration and on the afforesaid
allowance to the widow.
That the intestate at the time of his death was seized
and possessed in fee simple of the following tracts of lands
situate in said county
1 The Powel tract adjoining the lands of John Wilborn
and others lands of the deceased containing about one
hundred acres more or less and estimated to be worth
about one hundred dollars
2. A tract adjoining Benj. Rush and others containing fifty acres more or less valued at about fifty dollars
3. A tract adjoining P. Copple and others containing twenty four
acres more or less and worth about twenty four dollars.


Rush, Noah Probate Papers
from North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998
available on Ancestry at
Image 60903

4 A tract adjoining the lands of Robert Loftlin
and others containing fifteen acres more or less worth
about fifteen dollars
5 The home tract adjoining R W Harris and Lewis Johnson and others containing by estimation three hundred acres.

That the sale of all the above named tracts of land
except the one last mentioned, and also the sale of such
part of said last mentioned tract given or sold by the intestate
to George Rush and Reconveyed by said Rush to the
intestate and not covered by the dower. containing about
one hundred and fifty acres, and value at about three
hundred dollars, he believing to be necessary to enable
him to pay the debts and charges of Administration of
his intestate

That the intestate in addition to the foregoing land, died
also seized and possessed in fee simple of one half interest
in a copper mine tract of one hundred acres more or
less adjoining N Spencer and others and no others.

That upon the death of said intestate the said lands
descended to his children and grandchildren as follows the
defendant Sally Briles wife of Alexander Briles Post office
Leroy, Kansas, Darcas Briles wife of Branson Briles Post
Office Virdis Kansas George G Rush Post Office McCarion
Indiana, John C Rush, Noah Rush and Nancy Waid
post office of the last three Springville Indiana Mary
Blair wife of Milton Blair, Martha Johnson, wife of
Franklin Johnson, the last two of Randolph County


Rush, Noah Probate Papers
from North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998
available on Ancestry at
Image 60904

North Carolina Rev. Zebadee Rush Post Office Nashville
Nash County North Carolina. Sallie Hatfield, Zebadee
Rush Junr Mary Gastinow wife of George Gastinow and
Caroline Rush, the last four of Springville Indiana
and the following minors to wit: Martha Rush aged
20 years, Nancy Rush aged 18 years, Louis Rush aged
12 years and Laura Rush aged 9 years [I] and said
minors have for their guardian Louis Rush Post
Office Springville Indiana
To the ones therefore that the said tract of lands with the
exception herein before mentioned may be sold by your
petitioner upon such terms as your honor
may direct and that the process of sale may be
considered assets in his hands for the payment of debts
and charges of administration
Your petitioner brings
1st For and order for the sale of said lands for the purpose
2nd That the defendants may be duly notified according to
law to appear and show cause if any they can why the
prayer of your petition should not be granted
Jackson & Robins
Attorneys for Petitioner
R w Harris being duly sworn says I have herewit [?] the
foregoing petition,and know the contents thereof, the same is
true of my own knowledge, except as to matters state on
information and or to their, I believe it is to be true
R W Harris
Sworn to and subscribed
before me the 18th day
of July 1871
B B Bulla CSC


I will continue to search for documentation tying Sarah Briles of Coffey County, Kansas to Sallie Rush of Randolph County, NC. However, at this time, I believe that Noah Rush of Randolph County, NC is the father of Sarah (Sallie) Rush Briles.

I would love to hear from you about my Rush/Briles research in Randolph County, North Carolina. I can be contacted at mcphilbrick at gmail.com.