Disproving Same Alexander – Census Records

I’m struggling with ‘same name’ issues. Particularly in regards to Alexander Crawford. I believe there are two different Alexander Crawfords.

  • Alexander Crawford who married Margaret McElwee in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1788 and likely lived in Pulaski County, Kentucky
  • Alexander Crawford, son of Rev. James Crawford of Fayette County, Kentucky and grandson of Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters

Other researchers disagree with me. Thus, I’m on a quest to locate documentation to hopefully resolve this issue.

Today, I’m working with census records. Since these are all pre-1850 census listings, they can’t be depended upon to prove family relations. However, they can help establish places of residency.

Using the family information for Rev. James Crawford from the book Descendants of Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) Crawford, I can determine approximate ages for the various census years.

NameBirth YearDeath YearSexAge 1810Age 1820Age 1830Age 1840
Rev James Crawford17521803m    
Rebecca McPheeters17551830f556575 
Martha Crawford17751831f354555 
Alexander Crawford17821845m28384858
Mary Crawford1784f26364656
Elizabeth Crawford17891845f21314151
Sarah Crawford18011841f9192939
Rebecca Crawford18051830f5152535

Using the above chart, I can then look at the census records for Fayette County and compare the tick marks to potential family members.

In the 1810 census for Fayette County, Kentucky (where Rev. James Crawford lived), I was able to find a Rebecka Crawford as the head of household on the census with 12 total people in the household:

  • Free white males 26-44: 1 – son – Alexander Crawford – age 29
  • Free white females 10-15: 1 – daughter Rebecca Crawford – wrong age – she would have been 5
  • Free white females 16-25: 3 – daughters Sarah age 9, Elizabeth age 21, Mary age 26
  • Free white females 45 and over: 1 – Rebecca Crawford
  • Number of slaves: 6
  • number of household members under 16: 1
  • Number of household members over 25: 2
  • number of household members: 12

In the 1820 census for Fayette County, Kentucky, I was able to find Alexander Crawford listed as a 26-44 year old male head of household.

  • Males 26-44 — 1 – Alexander age 38
  • Females 16-25: 2 – sisters Sarah age 19 / Rebecca age 15
  • Females 26-44: 2 – sister Mary age 36 / Mother Rebecca age 65
  • Slaves – Males 26-44: 2
  • Slaves Female under 14:5
  • Slaves Female 14-25: 2
  • number of persons engaged in agriculture: 3
  • Free White persons over 25: 4
  • total free white persons: 6
  • Total Slaves: 9

Alexander Crawford again appeared as the head of household in the 1830 census for Fayette County, Kentucky.

  • Males 40-49: 1- Alexander age 48
  • Females 20-29: 1 – sister – Rebecca age 25
  • Females 30-39: 2 – Sisters Sarah age 29, Mary age 46
  • Females 70-79: 1 – Mother Rebecca age 75
  • Free colored persons Females 24-35: 1
  • Slaves Males 24-35: 1
  • Slaves Males 36-54: 1
  • Slaves Females under 10: 3
  • Slaves Femlaes 10-23: 2
  • Slaves Females 24-35: 2
  • Free white persons 20-49: 4
  • Total Free white persons: 5
  • Total Slaves: 14
  • Total free colored persons: 1

The 1840 census of Fayette County, Kentucky also lists Alexander Crawford as a head of household.

  • Males 50-59: 1 – Alexander age 58
  • Females 30-39: 1 – Sister Rebecca age 35
  • Females 40-49: 1 – Sister Sarah age 39 or Mary age 56
  • Free colored persons – males 36-54: 1
  • Slaves males under 10: 9
  • Slaves males 10-23: 2
  • Slaves Males 36-54: 1
  • Slaves Females under 10: 7
  • Slaves Females 10-23: 2
  • Slaves Females 36-54: 2
  • Persons employed in agriculture: 4
  • No. white persons over 20 who cannot read and write: 1
  • Free white persons 20-49: 2
  • Total free white persons: 3
  • Total free colored persons: 1
  • Total slaves; 23
  • Total all persons – free white, free colored, slaves: 27

The above census records support an Alexander Crawford living in Fayette County, Kentucky between 1820 and 1840. Although there are a few discrepancies, the tick marks appear to line up with the Rev. James Crawford family structure. Thus, there is support – but not definitive proof – for the theory that the Alexander Crawford in these census records is the son of Rev. James Crawford.

If there are two separate Alexander Crawfords, then there should be a second set of census records. I used the information I had compiled on the family of Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky to create a similar table showing ages of the family members in the various census records.

NameBirth YearDeath YearSexAge 1810Age 1820Age 1830
Alexander Crawford17671823 / 1838m435363
Margaret McElwee17661832f445464
Adams Crawford17891869m213141
Andrew Crawford17911878m192939
Martha Crawford1801f91929
John A. Crawford18031838m71727
Shelby Crawford18051870m51525
Harrison Crawford18081870m21222

Unfortunately, the census records for Alexander Crawford in Pulaski County, Kentucky are more difficult to line up with these known family members. In the 1810 census, this could be explained if one of the sons and his family was also living in the household

  • Free males under 10: 4 – ? grandsons?
  • Free males 10-15: 3 – sons John, Harrison, Shelby
  • Free males 16-25: 1- son Adams or Andrew
  • Free males: 45 and over: 1- Alexander
  • Free females under 10: 1unknown
  • Free Females 10-15: 2 — ? granddaughters?
  • Free females 10-15: 2 – unknown
  • Free females 16-25: 1 – daughter Martha or wife of Adams or Andrew
  • Free females 26-44: 1 – wife Margaret
  • Number of household members under 16: 10
  • Number of household members over 25: 2
  • Number of household members: 14

The 1820 census of Pulaski County, Kentucky showing an Alexander Crawford is even more confusing. If this is the same family, then Alexander likely has at least one if not two daughters-in-law living with him along with several grandchildren.

  • Free white males under 10: 2 – ? grandsons
  • Free white males 10-15: 2 – ? grandsons
  • Free white males 45 and over: 1 – Alexander Crawford
  • Free white females under 10: 1 – ? granddaughter
  • Free white females 10-15: 1 – ? granddaughter
  • Free white females 16-25: 2 – daughter Martha Crawford and 1 daughter-in-law or 2 daughters-in-law
  • Free white females 45 and over: 1 – Margaret McElwee Crawford
  • Free white persons under 16: 6
  • Free white persons over 25: 2
  • total free white persons: 10
  • Total all persons: 10

A search of the 1830 Pulaski County, Kentucky census for Crawford does not include an Alexander Crawford in the results.

This study of Kentucky census records does support

  • an Alexander Crawford living in Fayette County, KY at the same time as an Alexander Crawford lived in Pulaski County, KY.
  • the Rev. James Crawford family unit living in Fayette County under the name of Rebecka Crawford in 1810 and Alexander Crawford in 1820, 1830 and 1840.

Since the Pulaski County, Kentucky census records are hard to match up with the family unit of Alexander Crawford and Margaret McElwee, it is hard to conclude that the Alexander Crawford shown in these records is the husband of Margaret McElwee.

Thus, I need to locate more records to support my position that these are two different Alexander Crawfords.

Maybe Brothers

Have  you ever found people of the same surname in a census record and later wondered whether they were an unknown sibling? If so, then you understand when I wonder whether Alexander Crawford could be a sibling to the other Crawfords who married in Lincoln County, Kentucky prior to 1800?

Alexander Crofford is listed on the 1789 tax list for Lincoln County, Kentucky. Even though I have been researching other Crawford families in this area, I had ignored Alexander Crofford because other researchers have identified Alexander Crawford as a descendant of Alexander Crawford and Mary McPheeters.

However, when I found Alexander Crawford on the Pulaski County, Kentucky tax lists along with William Crawford, I began to research Alexander Crawford.

  • Adams Crawford Land
  • Adams Will

The will of Thomas Adams identified the wife of Alexander Crawford as Margaret McElwee, niece of Thomas Adams. Since Alexander Crawford married Margaret McElwee in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1788, I believe the Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky is the same Alexander Crawford found in the Pulaski County records.

The Find a Grave entry for Alexander Crawford uses family relationships in Augusta County, Virginia to make the case that the Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky is likely descended from Alexander and Mary McPheeters Crawford — or a relative of this Alexander Crawford.

I would like to argue that Alexander Crawford is related to one or more of the Crawford families in early Lincoln and Madison Counties.

First, most of the connected families identified on the Find a Grave site are found in Lincoln County. William McElwee appears on court records for 1783. Several Logan family members are on the 1787 tax list for Lincoln County, Kentucky. 

Also located in Lincoln County, Kentucky are several Crawford family members: James Crawford, John Crawford, John Crawford, William Crawford, Rebekah Crawford and Mary Crawford.

William Crawford and James Crawford lived along the Paint Lick Creek. Tax records indicate that both owned land surveyed by the Kennedys. This William Crawford is the same William Crawford found on the Pulaski County Kentucky tax records along with Alexander Crawford.

Besides Alexander Crawford, three other Crawfords were married in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Mary Crawford marriage James Sellers in 1791. James Crawford married Martha Knight in 1793. Sarah Crawford married William Sellers in 1795. Rebekah Crawford gave permission for the marriage of Mary and Sarah. It is believed that Rebekah Crawford’s maiden name was Douglas. Nathan Douglas and James Crawford provided the bond for the marriage of James and Martha. Thus, Mary, James and Sarah are believed to be children of Rebekah and thus siblings.

Alexander Crawford and Margaret McElwee were married in 1788 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, none of the names listed on the marriage bond connect Alexander Crawford to the other Crawfords. However, the date and place support the theory that Alexander Crawford is a sibling of Mary, James and Sarah Crawford.

At this time, all I have is circumstantial evidence tying Alexander Crawford to the other Crawford families in Lincoln County, Kentucky. I invite all Alexander Crawford researchers to join me in trying to locate documentation of Alexander’s parents.

Adams Will

Since the deed for Adams Crawford’s purchase of land was from the estate of Thomas Adams, I decided to try and locate a probate record or will for Thomas Adams. I was able to locate an 1808 will for Thomas Adams in Pulaski County.

Pulaski County, Kentucky

Wills 1801-1838
FS FIlm 598753 DGS 4820049

Page 46 Image 37
Pulaski County Kentucky

Adam Thomas

I Thomass Addams being of a sound mind and good
memory do make and ordain this my last will
and testament after recommending my soul to
God hoping for a glourious resurrection there the
interpresilion of the Lord Jesus Christ; as to my
wourldly concerns my will is that they shall
be disposed of n the following manner to wit
[Item] the my will is that my sister Jane
McIlewee have all the rents of my land during
her life but to have no power to make a tresfer of
said land my will also that at the death of
my sister should she be  longer lives is
that all my lands should be sold and my
will is also that in [nesse] to wit Marhtay
Gilman have a likely young Negro wentch
not to excede seventeen years of age

Page 47

The said negro to be n the position of my
self and sister during our lives then to be
disposed of as above and in case there should
be no negro goal in that case my will is
that my nese above mentioned shall have
three hundred dollars out of the money arising from the
sail of any of my lands, I will to Jane
Gilmore sew a large Vallom of [Jasefus]
Ritins now in posstion of said Gilman
I will also to my nese above to wit Martha
Gilmore my bed and fernuture my will
is also that after my just debts and being
charges are paid the hole the ballence of
my estate to be disposed of in the following
manner, to wit, they nefew William McK[?]
and my nese as before mentioned to wit
Marthy Gilmore with all the heirs of the
said Marthey and Jane Gilmore
that shaul be livint at the [t?]
this my will should be executed and all
the heirs my nese Margret Crofford wife of
Alexander Crofford that shall be living as a[?]

page 48

The estate as before mentioned to be equally
decided amon the above mentioned legetees
my will is also that my trusty friends John
James, William Hamilton see that the
into fully and justly executed signed and
delivered in presents of us Sept the 23 1[?]

Thomas Addams

John James
Joseph McAllaster
John Presston

At a Court held for Pulaski County on Monday
27th day of June 1808 This will was proven
the true last will and testament of Thomas
Adams decd by the oath of John James [J?]
Preston two of the witnesses thereto and [?]
another court held for the said county
Monday the 22d day of August in the said
year the said will was fully proven to be [?]
act and deed, of the said Thomas Adams [?]
the oath of Joseph McAllaster, another wit[ness]
thereto, and the same has been duly recorded in
my office as per order of said court
Test Will [Fox]

Adams Crawford Land

From my research in the Pulaski County, Kentucky tax records, I knew that Adams Crawford owned land in Pulaski County. In order to try and figure out whether Adams Crawford might be related to my Crawford Research, I tracked down the deed where Adams Crawford purchased land.

Pulaski County Kentucky

Deeds Vol. 3
FS Film  DGS 007896972

Page 229 – Image 397

Deed where Adams Crawford purchases land.

This indenture made and entered into this 6th day of May in the year of
our lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen between John James executor
of Thomas Adams and of the one part and Adams Crawford of the other part
all of Pulaski County and State of Kentucky witnesseth that for and in consideration
of the sum of five hundred and seventy five dollars to the said James in hand paid the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged the said John James hath thus bargained
and doth and [with] by these presents bargain sell and convey to the said Adams
Crawford, a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county
aforesaid containing two hundred acres be the same more or less and on
the waters of the Sinking Vally and bounded as followeth to wit
Beginning at thence Red Oak sapling thence S 46 degrees west 171 poles to a
white oak and ash thence south 44 degrees east 188 poles to two post oaks thence
north 46 degrees east 171 poles to three water Black Oaks thence north 44 degrees west
188 poles to the beginning with all its appertanances to have and to
hold the said 200 acres of land to the said Adams Crawford and his
heirs forever and the said John James doth warrant and defend the
said tract of parcel of land from all persons claiming through or by

page 230 (image 398)

by the said Thomas Adams dec’d to the said Adams Crawford and his heirs
forever but not from any other claims whatever in witness whereof the
said John James hath herein to set his hand and seal this day and
year above written

John James

Josiah Evans
D F James
John Canford

Deeds and Heirs

I love it when I find a deed listing heirs! Do you?

I thought I was going to learn the heirs of Alexander Crawford of Pulaski County, Kentucky when I found the following in the Pulaski County, Kentucky Grantor Index

1843 Crawford et al Alex C — Martha Crawford — Book 13, page 330

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a deed for the Alexander Crawford I found in the Pulaski County, Kentucky tax lists.

However, this deed does identify the HEIRS of John Crawford. If you have a Crawford family in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, then this deed might break down some walls.

Pulaski County Kentucky
Deeds, 1799-1901; index to deeds 1799-1934

Deeds, V. 13 1846-1850
FS Film 804601 DGS 8193855

Page 330, 331

Image 176

This Indenture of bargain and sale made and entered into this 27th
Day of December 1843 between William H.C Crawford John Q A Crawford
James Crawford Alex C Crawford [Timelean] Crawford and Jones Crawford
heirs & legal representative of John Crawford Decd of the one part
and Martha Crawford (called in the suit Matty) of the other part
witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of $70 the
said John Crawford decd in his lifetime sold to the said Martha
Crawford a tract of land containing one hundred acres in the
in the county of Pulaski and the waters of the Sinking Vally
and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a poplar supposed
to stand on Saml Evans old line thence N 41 W 90 poles to two black oaks &
chestnut oak in the gap of a ridge thence N 9 W 53 poles to the Chestnuts thence
N 31 W 52 poles to a poplar and Spanish Oak thence N 41 E 35 poles to
a black oak in a pint thence S 69 E 70 poles to a post oak on the side of
a rocky ridge thence S 40 E 40 poles to a black oak Hickory and chestnut
on the east side of a spring thence S 14 E 70 poles to a mulberry standing
at the edge of a large limestone rock thence N 84 E 40 poles to a large
post Oak and small post Oak bush and two small black oak bushes
thence S 59 E 10 poles to a stake on Saml Evans line thence with his
line S 48 W 114 poles to the beginning
To have and to hold the said tract of land until the said Martha
Crawford I James Tervill by virtue of a decree of the Rockastle circuit
court in a suit pending wherein the said Martha (cc) Matty Crawford is
complainant and the heirs of John Crawford Decd as are defts do confirm
unto the said Martha Crawford the tract of land described agreeable
to said decree [Waranting] and defending the title thereof against the heirs
of John Crawford decd aforesaid and against the claim or claims of all
persons whatsoever in testimonty of which I hereunto set my hand and
seal as commissioner of said court

James Terrill

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Rockastle Circuit Sct
I James Terrill Clerk of the Rockastle
Circuit Court do certify that this deed of conveyance from William H Crawford
John Q A Crawford, James Crawford Alexander C Crawford Timolean
Crawford and Jones Crawford heirs and legal Representatives of John
Crawford Decd by James Terrill Commissioner under a decree of the
Rockastle Circuit Court

page 331 (image 177)

To Martha Crawford was on the 2nd Day of Dec (call) term of the
Rockastle Circuit Court 1844 produced in open court and acknowledged
by the said James Terrill Commr as afsd to be his act and deed and
ordered to be Certified to the Clerks Office of the Pulaski Count Court
for record where the premises lie which is hereby done accordingly
given under my hand this 22nd day of June 1847.
James Terrill Clk
By I M Menefee DC

More Taxes

Well, I’m chasing those Crawfords thru another set of Kentucky tax lists. This time, I’m looking in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Another Crawford researcher told me that the William Crawford found in the Madison County, Kentucky tax lists moved to Pulaski County prior to moving to Missouri.

On the off chance that I would find some of the other Crawford families in Pulaski County, I read the 1799-1822 tax lists. In addition to William Crawford,  I found an Alexander Crawford who may be the same Alexander Crawford on the 1792 Madison County, Kentucky tax list.

The information I found regarding William Crawford shows that he paid taxes in Pulaski county for 1799-1802. William also owned 400 acres of land in Pulaski County. Since William does not appear on the Garrard County, KY tax lists after 1797, the Pulaski County information fills in the gaps between Garrard County and his arrival in Ste. Genevieve. However, I need to locate additional records to confirm this is the same William.

Alexander Crawford appears on the 1799 tax list with 200 acres of land on Buck Creek. Alexander is shown on the tax list with this 200 acres thru 1809. However, the Alexander Crawford listed in 1810 is not shown as owning any land. This Alexander Crawford without land continues to appear on the lists thru 1822.

There are potential sons for Alexander Crawford who do appear on the tax lists. James Crofford makes an appearance in 1805 as a male over 16. However, James Crofford is not listed on the same page as Alexander Crawford. This is the only listing for James Crofford.

Adams Crawford appears on the tax list in 1811 as a male over 21. Alexander Crawford is listed on the same page, but there are two names between Alexander and Adams Crawford.

In 1814, Adams Crawford is listed along with a Joseph Crawford on the next page. Alexander Crawford was not found for this tax year.

In 1815, there are four Crawford listings: Adams, Joseph, Alexander and John. Adams and Alexander Crawford continue to be listed on the tax lists thru 1822.

In 1819, there is another clue about this potential family: Nancy Crawford. Nancy Crawford only appears on the 1819 list. Joseph no longer appears. Could Nancy be his widow?

There isn’t enough information to conclude anything about Alexander. However, there are hints pointing to land records. These tax lists also suggest potential sons for Alexander.


Pulaski County Kentucky

Tax books 1799-1822
FS Film 8209 DGS 7834499

image 7
Crawford William 200 acres Sinking [cr]DO Sam [G]ouchson – Wm Crawford – 1 male > 21, 1 male >16, 2 horses
Crawford William 200 acres Sinking Cr – D0 – Wm Couchran – Wm Crawford

image 8
Crawford Alexander 200 acres Buck Cr – do – A Crawford – A Crawford 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16 8 horses

Image 10
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, John

Image 14
Moore, Arthur
Moore, Alexander

Image 19
Stoner Michael

Image 23

Image 27
Crawford [Samuel] 200 Pulaski Sinking a branch of pitman Wm Crawford Samuel Caughron no patent Issued – 1 male > 21, 3 horses
Crawford, William 400 Pulaski – Sinking a branch of Pitman – Samuel & Wm Caughron – Wm Crawford – no patent issued – 2 males > 21, 2 blacks > 16, 2 total blacks, 15 horses,

Image 34
Stoner Michel 100 acres

Image 40 – book 2?

Image 61 — Book 3

Image 64
Crawford Alexander 200 acres Pulaski County Birch Cr Crawford Alxr Same – 1 male > 21, 8 horses

Image 76

Image 79 — C — very vague

William Crawford likely on this page – 1-0 – 2 – 2 – 1

image 87 – Book 2

Image 90
Crawford Alexander – 200 – Pulaski – Buck Creek – Alexander Crawford – same – 1 male > 21, 7 horses

Image 102

Image 105
Crawford William — 200 Pulaski, Pitman – Samuel Coughron – Wm Crawford – same – 1 male > 21, 1 Male >16, 4 blacks > 16, 5 total blacks, 17 horses

image 119 – book 2

Image 121
Crawford Alexander 200 — faded – but looks like Alexr Crawford grant – 1 Male > 21, 4 horses

Image 134

Image 138-139 – C
No Crawford

image 154 – 1803 Added #2

Image 156
Crafford Alexander – 200 – Do – Birch Cr – Alexander Crawford – same – 1 male > 21, 4 horses

Image 168 – 1804

Image 172
Crawford, Alexander – 200 – Ditto – Buck Creek – Alexr Crawford – same – 1 male > 21, 5 horses

Image 188 1804 Added

image 191-192 – C
No Crawford

Image 204

Image 208
Crofford James – 1 male > 16 , 1 horse

image 223 1805 added

Image 227
Crawford Alaxander 200 – do – Buck Cr – A Crawford- same – 1 male > 21, 6 horses

Image 245 – 1806

image 251-251 – C
No Crawford

Image 272 – book 2

Image 275
Crawford Alexander – 200 – DO – Do – A Crawford – same – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 1 black > 16, 2 total blacks, 3 horses

Image 196

Image 301-302 – C
No Crawford

Image 321 – Book 2

Image 324
Crawford Alexander 200 – “ – B C – A Crawford – A Crawford – 1 male > 21, 1 male >16, 1 black >16, 3 total blacks, 3 horses
Crawford Alexander 500 – “ – Casey Creek – Burton – A Crawford

Image 342

Image 346-348 – C
No Crawford

Image 367 – book 2

Image 370
Crawford Alexr – 200 – “ – B C – A Crawford – same – same – 1 male > 21, 2 males > 16, 5 horses

Image 390

Image 394
Crawford Alaxander – 200 – do – Buck Cr – same – same – 1 male > 21, 1 male > 16, 2 horses

Image 417 – book 2

Image 440 – 1810
C – image 447-451
Image 451
Crawford Alexander – 1 male > 21, 13 horses

Image 494

C – Image 499

Image 502
Crawford Alexander – no land – 1 male > 21,
Crawford, Adams – no land – 1 male > 21, 4 horses

Image 546

Image 554 – C

Image 556
Crawford Alexr – no land – 1 male > 21, 3 horses

Image 603

Image 612 – C

Image 615
Crawford Alexr – no land – 1 male > 21 – no horses

Image 658

Image 668 – C

Image 672
Crawford Adams – 300 – same – ? – W Griffin – same – 1 male > 21, 1 horse

Image 673
Crawford Joseph 250 Pulaski – S Valley – Thos McClure – same – 1 male > 21 – 1 horse

NO Alexander Crawford

Image 723

Image 731 – C
Crawford Adams – 300 same – Clifty Creek – Wm Griffin – same – 1 male > 21, 2 horses
Crawford Joseph – 1 male > 21, 2 horses
Crawford, Alexander – 1 male > 21 – no horses
Crawford, John – 250 acres – sinking valley creek – Thos McIlwee – same – Thos Adams – 1 male > 21, 2 horses

Image 779

No Crawford

Image 844

Image 852 – C

No Crawford

Image 901

Image 911 – C
Image 911
Crawford Alexander – 1 male > 21
Crawford Adams – 300 acres – same – same W Griffin – same – 1 male > 21, 3 horses

Image 972
start of 1819

Image 979 – C

Image 983
Crawford Adams – 300 acres same – clifty cr – w Griffin – same – 1 male > 21, 5 horses

Image 984
Crawford Alexr – 1 male > 21
Crawford Nancy – 1 horse

Image 1037

Image 1046 – C

Image 1049
Crawford Alexander – 1 male > 21
Crawford Adams – 300 – same – clefty cr – w Griffin – same – 1 male > 21 – 4 horses

Image 1095

Image 1104 – C

Image 1109
Crawford Adams – 300 – same – clifty – WGriffn – same – 1 male > 21, 5 horses

Image 1159

Image 1170 – C

Image 1174 –
Crawford Adams — 300 Pulaski — rest too dark to read – 1 male > 21, 1 horse

Crawford Alexander – no land – 1 male > 21