RootsFinder – DNA Clusters

Recently, RootsFinder announced a new DNA tool that helps visualize DNA data. To take advantage of this new tool, I had to create an account (currently free) on RootsFinder. Then, I had to add a tree.

Since RootsFinder had the option to upload a gedcom file, I tried to upload a file containing my ancestors and collateral lines. I created the gedcom file from my RootsMagic data. In the process of creating this file, I clicked to include sources in the gedcom file. This file failed to upload to RootsFinder. I then tried creating a gedcom file with just my ancestors (no collateral lines) and sources. This file also failed to upload.

My next step was to create a gedcom file of 5 generations of ancestors without sources. This file uploaded to RootsFinder.

Once I had a (limited) tree on RootsFinder, I was able to ‘upload’ my DNA. Instead of uploading my raw DNA, I had to use my GEDMatch data. Essentially, I ran the one to many search for my DNA kit and copied/pasted my matches into RootsFinder. The process was repeated with two Tier 1 tools: Matching Segment Search and Triangulation.

Contrary to some of the images other users have posted, my diagram is more of a glob than smaller clusters.

I tried repeating the process to add my DNA from the Genesis.Gedmatch site. Unfortunately, RootsFinder does not currently recognize that site as a Gedmatch site. Since I have close to 5000 matches on the beta Genesis version of GedMatch, I’m hoping that this will change in the future.