Luna Seller

As I’ve been updating my data on the descendants of James Sellers and his wife, Mary Crawford, I came across a SELLER biography in Weik’s History of Putnam County, Indiana, Even though the surname is slightly different, there is a connection between the two families.

According to the Luna Seller biography, his grandmother was Rebecca Sellers. I believe this Rebecca Sellers is the daughter of James and Mary (Crawford) Sellers. [See the post for John L. Sellers for more information on the Sellers family.]

Not only did Luna Seller inherit CRAWFORD DNA thru his great-grandmother (Mary Crawford Sellers, mother of Rebecca Sellers Seller), but also thru his grandmother, Mary Crawford Seller, wife of Theophilus Seller.

According to the Luna Seller biography, Myra Crawford was the daughter of Moses and Melinda Crawford. The FamilySearch tree shows that Myra’s grandfather was English Crawford. While I haven’t encountered this branch of the CRAWFORD family in my research of Garrard County, Kentucky, there may be a connection since English Crawford was married in Botetourt county, Virginia before migrating to Knox County, Tennessee. Thus, the English Crawford family is going to be added to my Crawford fan club.

I doubt I would have uncovered this connection if I hadn’t been going back thru my research and using digital versions of the county history versus relying on my original photocopies!

Luna Seller

page 340

Luna W. Seller

In studying the interesting life histories of many of the better class of men, and the ones of unquestioned merit and honor, it will be found that they have been compelled, very largely, to map out their own career and furnish their own motive force in scaling the heights of success and it is such a one that the biography is pleased to write of in the following paragraphs.
Luna W. seller, whose fine farm is located in Jefferson township, Putnam county, Indiana, was born in the city of Greencastle, this county, on the 21st day of December, 1868. He is the son of Theophilus and Myra (Crawford) Seller. Theophilus Seller was born in Greencastle, January 21, 1827, the son of John F. and Rebecca (Sellers) Seller.
John F. Seller, one of the first settlers of Putnam county, was born in Harrison county, Kentucky, February 22, 1791. In early life he removed to Garrard county, Kentucky, where he married Rebecca Sellers, July 24, 1817. She was a native of Garrard county, born November 12, 1797. In 1822 he came with his family to Putnam county, Indiana, and settled on section 27, Greencastle township, later removing to section 21 of that township. John F. and Rebecca Seller had twelve children, of which Theophilus, father of the subject was the fifth in order of birth. The others were: Delorians, born January 12, 1819; James W. P., born December 4, 1820; Milton H., born November 12, 1822; Columbus D., born October 11, 1824, and died October 4, 1853; Bainbridge B., born August 18, 1828, and died August 11, 1829; Louisa J., born February 14, 1830, and died August 25, 1845; John F., born September 28, 1831, and died September 27, 1858; Rebecca Ann, born July 20, 1833, and died May 11, 1843; Western W., born April 9, 1835; Elizabeth H., born February 1, 1838, and died May 17, 1843;

page 341
Tabitha C., born May 6, 1840, and Theophilus Seller, who became a physician and was well-known as a highly respected citizen. He died September 6, 1871.
The subject’s mother was born in 1838 in Hendricks county, Indiana and was the daughter of Moses and Melinda (Churchman) Crawford. Theophilus Seller received a good preliminary education and then studied medicine. He followed the active practice of his profession for a time, but finding that line of work detrimental to his health he gave up his professional work and thereafter applied himself to agricultural pursuits until his death, which occurred in 1871. Sometime after his death, his widow married Wallace Johnstone, by whom she has a daughter, Minnie, the wife of Robert C. Schell, of st. Louis, where she now resides with them. To Theophilus and Myra Seller were born three children, Walter, Jennie and Luna. Walter is engaged in the grocery business in Greencastle, Jennie is the wife of William Randel, of Greencastle.
Luna W. Seller was reared by his parents and received his education in the public schools of Greencastle, also attending an academy in that city. After completing his education, he devoted himself to farming, with which he has been identified continuously since. In 1889 he located on the farm in section 15, Jefferson township, where he now resides. He had formerly owned one hundred and ten acres of the old home farm, but now his holdings in section 15 amount to one hundred and ninety acres, nearly all of which is under a high state of cultivation and yielding bountiful crops. Mr. Seller carries on general farming, raising all the crops common to this section of the country. He has also given some attention to the raising of live stock, with considerable success. In 1895 Mr. Seller built a substantial and attractive residence and the property is otherwise highly improved, its appearance reflecting credit on the owner.
On May 7, 1893, Mr. Seller married Nettie, the daughter of Francis M. and Sarah E. (Sandy) Allee, who are mentioned elsewhere in this work. To this union has been born a son, Hubert, who is now a student in the high school at Greencastle.
Politically Mr. Seller is a Republican, while his religious affiliation is with the New Providence Baptist church. Fraternally he is a member of the Knights of Pythias, holding membership in the subordinate lodge at Belle Union. He is a man of splendid personal qualities and is public spirited in his attitude toward all movements for the advancement of the best interests of the community. Because of his genuine worth he enjoys the esteem of all who know him.

Weik Jesse W., Weik’s History of Putnam County Indiana (Indianapolis, IN: B. F. Bowen & Company, Publishers, 1910), pages 341-342; viewed online 7 October 2022.

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

It’s Saturday Night – 

time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:

1)  What is the most interesting record you have found for an ancestor?

This is HARD! Over time, I’ve found a lot of interesting records. Thus, remembering them all and then picking a ‘winner’ is difficult.

However, I have come up with an answer. While the record I selected is very interesting, I’m also picking it because of how I learned about it.

Do you use Ancestry hints? If so, do you follow the hints to ‘stories’? While I do check out the leafy hints, I rarely add a ‘story’ as a source on my tree.

However, one of the hints for John Burke led to a story that by itself is very interesting. The story, 1884 Complaint Burke vs Brooks, identifies my great great grandmother, Angelina Burke as a granddaughter of John Burke.

Transcription of the Original Complaint dated July 28, 1884 in the suit John G.  Burke et al. vs. R. V. Brooks et al.

Chancery Court of Jackson County, Tennessee 

Prepared by Robin Rankin Willis

12 March 2009

Transcribed from original document preserved on TSLA Microfilm, Jackson Co., TN Roll No. 53, folder titled “Burke John G. & others vs Brooks R. V. & others, Chancery 1884.”  

Xerox copy made from FHL Film # 985,278.

“To William G. Crowley, Chancellor, holding the chancery Court at Gainsboro, Tennessee:

The Bill of Complaint of John G. Burke, Leonidas Darwin, William H. Darwin, Hiram C. Darwin, George C. Darwin, Mary A. Suite, Elizabeth Kelly & her husband Miles Kelly, Mary Carter & her husband William Carter, Milton E. Burke, John M. Burke, Sarah E. Hornbuckle & her husband [first name struck through] Hornbuckle, Angelina McCarry & her husband _______ McCarry, Elizabeth Padgett & her husband James Padgett, Ella Buhler & her husband Alexander Buhler, Adda Bettis & her husband William Bettis, Lucy Moore, Parazidia Lipscomb & her husband ______ Lipscomb, Permelia Lipscomb & her husband ______ Lipscomb, William L. Burke, John P. Burke, Franklin P. Burke, James P. Burke, Uhley Woollard & her husband Henry Woollard, Sally B. Burke, Francis M. Burke, Franklin P. Burke Sr., Elizabeth Simpson & her husband Thomas D. Simpson, W______ P. Hopkins, M_____ B. Hopkins, John O. Hopkins, M______ E. Hopkins & her husband Sydney Hopkins [additional interlining unreadable], Andrew L. Hopkins, Mary Ann Hopkins, Nannie B.  Hopkins, John Anderson, Juda Anderson & her husband ____ Gibson?, Henry Burke, Jno R. Burke, Thomas Burke, Elizabeth Parker & Marion Burke, complainants

Against R. V. Brooks, personally, and as Executor of the last will of Richard P. Brooks, deceased, Caleb Roberts, Josiah Roberts, Meredith Brown, & Asa Denson, of Jackson County, Tennessee, and Matilda Long & her husband Lane (?) Long of the State of Kentucky, Defts. [sic, Defendants]

Your complainants, aforesaid, complaining, state that they are heirs at law of John Burke who died intestate in Jackson County, Tennessee where he resided about the year 1842, leaving surviving him a widow named Jane Burke and the children whose names follow to wit: Henry F., John G., Polly, Permelia, William C., James W., Esom L., Francis M., Parazidia, Franklin P., Elisabeth, Elvira, America, Matilda, Jonas & Jane Burke, his only heirs at law.

Richard P. Brooks was appointed and acted as administrator of his personal estate and he has lately died and deft R. V. Brooks is his Executor appointed less than two years & six months ago. There are no debts against the estate of said John Burke.

Said John Burke the common ancestor of complainants, at his death owned several valuable tracts of land lying in Jackson County, Tennessee, on one of which he resided at the time of his death, and about 200 acres of it, the homestead, was duly allotted and assigned by the Circuit Court of said County to his said widow as her dower, and a decree of said court duly entered to that effect, and she took possession of it as such and resided on it for a considerable time and until she conveyed it or transferred it in some way as such dower and estate for her life to said Richard P. Brooks who went into possession of and held it as such during her natural life, which terminated on the ____ of _______, 1881, less than seven years before the filing of this bill; and it has been less than seven years since the right of action of the heirs of John Burke dec’d accrued for said dower land.

Said dower tract lies on the Cumberland River on the south side of it and is bounded North by Cumberland River, East by the lands of Joshua Haile Jr., South by the lands of R. A. Cox & Hoover and West by __________________ and lies in White’s Bend of said river. The lines cannot now be given by complts but reference is to be had to the lines of said dower as laid off by the Court, the records of which were destroyed & burned up some years ago without the intention or knowledge of complts.

It is believed and so charged from belief that deft Brooks or if not he some of the other claimants under his testator the defts have a copy of the decree allotting the said dower. If so let them answer as to it & produce it & file it with their answer.

Complts further allege that some time after the death of John Burke their ancestor said Richard P. Brooks the admr procured some of the heirs to join him in filing a bill or petition in the Circuit Court of Jackson County against others of the heirs to procure a sale or partition of the lands of said John Burke not covered by the dower and under it they were sold in or about the year 1843, as now remembered, by the clerk & commissioners of said Court and they were purchased in by said Richard P. Brooks or at least part of them were bought by him, including that part of the home tract not covered by the dower. There was a large quantity of the lands & quite valuable.

At the same time of the sale of the other lands outside of the dower said Richard P. Brooks fraudulently procured a pretended sale of the remainder in the land covered by said dower allotted to the widow, and pretended to purchase it in himself at the grossly inadequate price of three hundred dollars, or thereabout, although there was no application in the bill or petition to the court for a sale of it and under the law the court had no jurisdiction to sell it – the widow being then living.

The Heirs were all then young and most of them, including several of complts & their ancestors, under 21 years of age, and all ignorant in matters of law and conveyancing etc, and all relied on and confided in said Brooks, the admr., who was a shrewd person, versed in such matters, and, afterward, if not then, a lawyer.

They objected at the time of the sale, in the presence & hearing of said Brooks & others there to the sale of the dower land, and contended that there was no application to sell it; but, Brooks fraudulently & wrongfully went on and had it sold & bought it in, over their objections, and, as they now believe, & so charge, for the purpose of cheating the heirs out of it; for, among other badges of fraud, he afterward admitted to friends, at times, that he had no title to it, and that it was really the rightful property of the said heirs.

He, soon after this sale, purchased of the widow her life estate in dower and took possession of it as such, and held it up to her death, & to his own death about two years past, acknowledging the rights of the heirs to the remainder.

Complts charge that during the time said R. P. Brooks so held and occupied said land, he committed and permitted great waste and injury to it, and to the injury & damage of the heirs, by permitting it to dilapidate, by bad cultivation and husbandry of himself & tenants, by taking down & removing the fences & houses, etc., from it to his other lands; by cutting down & removing & deadining (?) & destroying the valuable timbers of which there was much; by destroying and permitting to be destroyed & injured the valuable orchards, to the damage of the heirs to large amounts. He also took the rents & profits of said land to large amounts, after the death of the widow, to which the heirs were entitled. And the other defts R. V. Brooks, Caleb Roberts, Josiah Roberts, Meredith Brown & Asa Denson have continued all these wrongs since, to the damage of the heirs. But the amounts of the rents & damages for which each or any of them is liable cannot be stated or ascertained without an accounti[ng] thereof; it being a matter of complicated account, fit, & fit only, to be ascertained by a court of chancery, and not fit or considerable in a court [remainder of this page is missing. The complainants are just asserting that the case must be tried in the chancery court, that the county court of law doesn’t have jurisdiction.]

They all claim under the title of John Burke the common ancestor of complts whose title papers are supposed to be in possession of deft Brooks, or if they are not they are so unintentionally lost or mislaid or destroyed that complts cannot find them & that the registration of them is also so unintentionally destroyed.

Said R. V. Brooks, Caleb Roberts, Nathan Roberts, Josiah Roberts, Meredith Brown & Asa Denson are the present occupants of said land, and claim it wrongfully, and refuse to give it up or, surrender the possession of it to the heirs of said John Burke, dec’d, or pay the rents & damages; though the heirs have duly demanded the same of them, and said rents and damages, with the interest thereon, are due and unpaid to the heirs.

Your complainants are informed & believe, and, so, charge, that Richard P. Brooks did not pay any thing for the said remainder interest in the land covered by said dower; and, therefore, he is not entitled in any event to any reimbursement. Yet, if it turn out that any of the heirs did in fact get any part of its proceeds, they are, respectively, willing to refund it & do justice, upon the land being surrendered or decreed to be given up to them; and they have offered this to the present occupants. But they refuse, as aforesaid, to surrender & pay. So, complts must sue for their rights.

At the death of said John Burke the common ancestor of complts his said lands descended to his aforesaid children, then living, equally. After his death some of them died and some of them died leaving issue who inherit through them their portions of said lands, and they are as follows: Polly, a daughter of said John the common ancestor, married William Darwin, and died leaving children to wit: Leonidas Darwin of Texas, William H. Darwin of Arkansas, Hiram C. Darwin of Texas, George C. Darwin of Jackson County, Tennessee, Mary A. [might be Ann] a daughter who married a man by name of Suite, but he is dead and she is a widow & resides in Texas; Elizabeth, who married Miles Kelly, and they reside in Kansas; Granville Darwin who died leaving one daughter Mary who has married ___________________ Carter & they reside in Jackson County Tennessee; Parasidia, a daughter, who married Alexander Taylor, & they reside in Arkansas; and Polley, a daughter, who died without issue after her mother died and her share descended to her brothers and sisters the children of Polly Darwin, aforesaid, equally.

Henry F. Burke, a son of the common ancestor, died about Nov., 1845, leaving four children, to wit: Milton E. Burke, John M. Burke, Sarah E. a daughter who has married _____________ Hornbuckle, all of the state of Missouri, and Angelina a daughter who has married _____ McCary who resides in Kansas.

Parasidia, a daughter of the common ancestor, married W. W. More [sic, Moore] and afterward died intestate, leaving the following children, to wit: Elisabeth a daughter who has married James Padgett of Wilson County, Tennessee; Ella, a daughter who has married Alexander Buhler of Wilson County, Tennessee; Adda(?), a daughter, who has married William Bettis of Wilson County, Tennessee; & Lucy Moore, a daughter, of Wilson County Tennessee;

Permelia, a daughter of the common ancestor, married Alva Graves, and they are both dead, leaving two children, daughters, to wit, Parasidia, who married _____ Lipscomb, and Permelia, who married ____________ Lipscomb, all of the state of Missouri.

Esom L., a son of the common ancestor, died, leaving the following children, all of whom reside in Wilson County, Tennessee, to wit: William L., John P., Franklin P. & James R. Burke, sons, and two daughters, to wit Uhley, now wife of Henry Woolard and Sallie B. Burke, the said F. P., Sallie B., & Jas R. are minors without guardians and sue by their brother & next friend William L. Burke.

The following children of the common ancestor are living to wit John G. of Wilson County, Tenn., Francis M. of Texas, Franklin P. of Missouri, sons, & Elizabeth the wife of Thomas D. Simpson of Texas, and Matilda, the wife of Lone(?) Long, of Kentucky.

Elvira, a daughter of the common ancestor, married Otey Hopkins, and died, leaving the following children, her only heirs, to wit: W.____P., M_____ D., John O., M_______ E., Sydney, Andrew L., Nannie B. & Mary Ann Hopkins. Sidney Hopkins Andrew Hopkins Naney B. Hopkins & Mary Jane Hopkins (John Anderson & Frances) Anderson minors who sue by their next friend George C. Darwin.

[Note: I have transcribed the prior paragraph exactly as it appears in the original, so far as I can tell. The draftsman was clearly getting tired.]

America, a daughter of the common ancestor, married _______________ Anderson, and died, leaving the following children surviving her, to wit: Judey & John Anderson, who reside in Jackson County, Tennessee.

James B. Burke [sic, should be James W. Burke], son of the common ancestor, who died, leaving the following children & heirs to wit: Jno R. Burke, Thos. Burke, Elizabeth Parker, widow of ___________ Parker, and Marion Burke, citizens of the state of Kentucky.

Wm. C. Burke, son of the common ancestor, who died, leaving one child & heir Henry Burke, a citizen of the state of Kentucky.

The common ancestor had one son named Jonas at his death and a daughter born in lawful time a few months after his death whose name was Jane, as now remembered, who both died intestate & without marriage or issue many years ago, before the death of the widow and their shares descended to the other surviving heirs of the common ancestor to wit those herein stated in the same proportions as the other parts of the estate descended to them from said common ancestor.

Your complts further state that the said land sued for is not susceptible of partition among the owners of it owing to the number of owners being so great, for want of timber & water and being bounded and hemmed by adjacent owners’ lands and by the natural obstructions so that roads & ways for ingress & egress could not be had to & from it by reason of all which & perhaps other good reasons the value would be much diminished so that it is not susceptible of such partition in kind without manifest injury to the owners and it would be manifestly to the interest & advantage of the owners that the land be sold and the proceeds partitioned among them. Prayer. The premises being considered, your complts pray that this bill be filed in said court, on behalf of Complts and of said Matilda Long & her husband, if they shall choose to avail themselves of its benefits under the rules of law & practice; that the persons named in the caption as defendants be made such by proper process & orders of publication etc; that they be compelled to answer fully, not on oath; that they answer as to the said copy of the decree & other title papers aforesaid and file with their answers if they have them; that upon hearing decrees be entered declaring the rights & title of complts & Long & wife and setting up their title to be complete in & to said land and vesting the same in them according to their several rights and that they be put in possession thereof; that the defts in possession & claiming the lands be held liable for the rents, waste & damages of the lands with interest thereon; that deft R. V. Brooks as Executor of the will of said Richard P. Brooks, deceased, and the estate of said Richard P. Brooks be held liable also for the same; that all proper & necessary accounts thereof be taken and reports made and all proper & necessary decrees entered to declare & enforce the rights of said heirs or if complts have mistaken their relief that such other and further relief be granted them as may seem right & lawful.

As the rental is quite valuable and some of the defendants not solvent complts pray that a Receiver be appointed to rent out the lands and secure the rents pending the litigation and such orders made & proceedings had as may be necessary & proper.

Complts also pray that defts be injoined from committing further waste or damage to the lands.

This is the first application for an injunction in this matter.

A. A. Swope?

D. A. Witt? or Mott? Solicitors for complts State of Tennessee

Personally appeared before Jackson County

me H. W. Winn? Clerk & Master of the

Court of said county G. C. Darwin Jr.? one of the complainants in the foregoing bill and made oath that the facts stated in said bill are true as stated according to his information & belief. And those allegations made from information he believes to be true & subscribed this affidavit? before me on the 28th day of July 1884. Sworn to

G. C. Darwin [signature]Test M. W. Winns? Clerk

“1884 Complaint Burke vs Brooks,” transcription of court documents, Barbara_Parker1510, ( : viewed online October 2016), Henry F. Burke; transcribed from FHL Film #985,278.

Since this transcription contains the statement, “Xerox copy made from FHL Film,” I was able to locate the original record.

Tennessee, Jackson County. Court Transcripts of the county, chancery and circuit courts, 1839-1915. Film #985278 DGS 7642359. John Burke, 28 July 1884; image 851; digitized images, FamilySearch : viewed online 1 October 2022.

Chasing Edward

When doing your genealogy research do you sometimes feel like you are going down a rabbit hole or chasing your tail? That’s what I sometimes feel like when I research descendants of a Crawford who is not my ancestor.

So yesterday, I was chasing my tail by researching the children of Edward Crawford (1762-1826) of Overton, Tennessee. Even though I don’t have any paper research connecting my Crawford line to Edward or even to Overton County, Tennessee, there is a DNA connection. Descendants of Edward Crawford have also done a Big Y DNA test and we have been assigned the same branch of the Big Y Haplotree: R-Y88686.

When I first received these DNA results, I couldn’t find a connection between my Crawford family in Garrard County, Kentucky and Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee. However, I remembered that I had found an Edward Crawford in the 1795 and 1796 tax lists for Madison County, Kentucky. Wondering whether the Edward Crawford in the tax lists of Madison County, KY is the same Edward Crawford who died in Overton County, TN.

Thus, I’ve been researching the children and grandchildren of Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee — hoping to find some clue that would lead back to Kentucky. As I was finding records for Edward’s children and their family, I was comparing my findings to the Edward Crawford [LD9R-8KW] family on the FamilySearch tree. During this comparison, I discovered that other researchers believe that David Crawford [9KMN-WNK], son of Edward and Abigail (Trowbridge) Crawford was born in Clark County, Kentucky.

Wait! A child of Edward was born in Kentucky – in Clark County, Kentucky? Since none of my research had taken me to Clark County, Kentucky, I had to look it up on a map. That’s when I discovered that Clark County was on the northeast border of Madison County.

Thus, I’ve started digging into Clark County records to see what I could learn about Edward Crawford. I started by looking for marriage records involving an Edward Crawford and I found reference to a marriage bond between an Edward Crawford and an Abigail Trowbridge.

Crawford, Edward and Abigail Trowbridge; surety, Silas Trowbridge 1798 Dec 3

Besides the marriage bond  of Edward Crawford, I found information for several other Crawford family marriage bonds on page 85.

page 85
Crawford, Cassillah and George S. Miller; surety, Moses Gentry 1810 Sep10

Crawford, Ceile, and Jehu Cole; surety, Jesse Cole. Jehu Cole guardian of Ceile Crawford 1806 Sep 23

Crawford, Edward and Abigail Trowbridge; surety, Silas Trowbridge 1798 Dec 3

Crawford, John and Dolly Fourt, daughter Peter and Mary Fourt (consent); witness, THomas Hansford; surety, James Ward 1796 Jun 28 [John Andrew Crawford 1765-1851 and Dorothy FOrt 1775-1846 in RootsMagic]

Crawford, Velentine and Susan Wray; surety, Archibald Crawford, consent of Benjamin Wray; witness, George Sharp 1800 Jan 10

Not only did I find information linking the an Edward Crawford of Kentucky to the Edward Crawford of Overton, Kentucky, but I have several other Crawfords to add to my FAN club and another Kentucky county to research.
George F. Doyle, Marriage Bonds of Clark County, Kentucky from the Formation of the County in 1793 to 1850: compiled from the original bonds in the office of the clerk of the Clark County Court, digital image (Winchester, Kentucky: Clark County Historical Society, 1933), page 85; digital image, FamilySearch, Film 183194 DGS 7896907 : viewed online 15 February 2020.

Edward Crawford Deed

Is Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee a brother to James Crawford of Preble County, Ohio? Is he the same Edward Crawford shown in the 1896 tax list for Garrard County, KY. To answer either of these questions, I need to learn more about Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee. Since I’m looking for a source tying two locations together, I’m starting with deeds.

Edward Crawford of Overton County, Tennessee purchased land in 1807 from Thomas Dillen.

Overton County, Tennessee

Deeds, V. A-C 1801-1813
FamilySearch Film 981131 DGS 7903546

Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13

In Column: Original Book B page 14 &c

Thomas Dillen
To Deed 300 acres on
waters of Obed’s river
Edward Crawford

This Indenture, made the fourteenth
day of November, in the year one
thousand eight hundred and
seven between Thomas Dillen
of the County of Davidson and
State of Tennessee of Te one part and Edward Craw-
ford of the County of Overton and State aforesaid of
the other part, Witnesseth: That the said Thomas
Dillen for and in consideration of the sum of four
hundred dollars, to him in hand paid, the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath and by these
presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enscoss
and confirm unto the said Edward Crawford, his
heirs and assigns forever, a certain tract of
parcel of land containing three hundred acres,
lying and being in the County of Overton, on the
waters of Obed’s river, one prong of Cumberland river,
on a north side of a creek called the Nettle Corner’s,
joining the north side of Jacob Beason’s line, beg-
inning on Jacob Beason’s northwest corner, on two
post oaks; thence east along said Beason’s line
926 poles to two black oaks; thence north, 65 1/2 E
100 poles to a white oak; thence north 160 poles to
a black oak and post oak; thence west 200 poles
to a black oak; thence south, 45 W, 43 poles to
a stake and from thence South 16 1/2 E 226 poles
to the beginning 300 acres more or less with all and
singular, the woods waters, water courses, profits,
commodities, hereditaments and appurtenances
whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or
appertaining, and the reversion and reversions,
remainder and remainders, rents and issues
thereof, and all the estate, right, tittles, interest,
property, claims and demand of him the said
Thomas Dillen, his heirs and assigns forever,
of, in and to the same, and every part or parcel
thereof, either in law or equity, to have and to
hold the said 300 hundred acres of land, with
the appurtenances, unto the said Edward Crawford

page 14

his heirs and assigns forever, against the lawful title,
claim and demand of all and every person or
persons whatsoever will warrant and forever
defend by these presents.
In witness whereof, the said Thomas Dillen hath
hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year
above written.
Thomas Dillen (seal)
Signed sealed and delivered
in the presence of
Early Allison
John McDonald

State of Tennessee
Winchester District
October Term 1808
I Archibald W. Overton, clerk of the
Superior Court of law for the district aforsaid, do
hereby certify that Thomas Dillen appeared in open
court and acknowledged the due execution of
the within deed, and was ordered to be registered.
Let it be registered. Ar. W. Overton Clk.

Registered &c 29th May, 1809.

Curious as to what this parcel of land looked like, I entered the description into Deed Mapper.

And I got an open plot. I’ve double-checked the text in Deed Mapper against the image of the deed and don’t believe I’ve made a mistake in the transfer of the information. However, the resulting plot is not for 300 acres and is still open.

To figure out this deed, I will need to locate other deeds or maps showing various deed from the time period. Maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to find someone entering Overton County TN deeds into Deed Mapper’s online collection.

Left Turn

Have you ever come across a new piece of information that sends your genealogy research in a totally different direction? I’m sure you have as most of us encounter this from time to time.

Yesterday, I received such a piece of information. This wasn’t a document but a DNA result – a yDNA result. Apparently, my Crawford line is its own branch with my closest Crawford match being a descendant of Edward Crawford of Overton, Tennessee.

So, one of my new goals is to try and determine how this Edward Crawford might fit in with all of my James Crawford research. With only five Edwards in my database it is a relatively unusual name. Unfortunately, Alexander and Mary (McPheeters) Crawford had a son named Edward. Thus, there will be confusion in online trees as to the parents of Edward.

In looking back thru my Kentucky research notes, I do have some data placing an Edward Crawford in Madison County, Kentucky during the time period of my James Crawford research.

In 1795, Edward Crawford was listed on the tax records for Madison County, Kentucky as a male over 21 with 2 horses and 3 cattle. 

He is also listed in 1796. There are no other Crawford families listed in this group of tax records. Since the names are grouped by the first letter of the surname, it is difficult to determine neighbors. At this time, I have no idea whether this Edward Crawford is a relative of any of the other Crawford families in the region in the 1790s.

In hopes of finding a document that would link Edward Crawford of Tennessee to my research of Crawford Kentucky families, I decided to start with deeds. Thus, I did a search of Overton County, Tennessee deeds for the mention of any Crawford. 

Overton County TennesseeDeed, 1801-1903

Index to Deeds 1806-1904FamilySearch

Film 981130 DGS 7897658

Image 6

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1806-1859 Grantor on left / Grantee on right – starts with Book E

Image 20 – start of C

Image 23 – start of book I (goes from E to I – nothing n between)

Image 26

  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book K page 396 – skips book L and book M
  • Crawford Charles (grantor) to Isaiah Warthan Book N page 145
  • Crawford David (grantee) from James Haytee Book K page 228
  • Crawford W K from Garinhew et al book K page 347 or 547Crawford W K from W H Harrison Book K page probably 542

Image 27

  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Arch Qualls Book N page 262
  • Crawford Alex from John Barksdale Book K page 407Image 29 – Book O
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Robt Allread Book O page 51
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to Thompson Miller Book O page 107
  • Crawford Thomas (grantor) to James Boyd Book O page 154
  • Crawford Alex (grantor) to L W Hoover Book O page 404
  • Crawford Alex (Grantee) from  Hasely Wm Book O page 205Image 30 – Books a and B
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Jesse Crawford Book B page 219
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Anthony Flowers book B page 221
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from Thomas Dillon Book B page 13D starts on image 31

Image 129

Deed Index (Direct and Reverse)1812-1865

Image 146 – start of C

Book C

  • Crawford Jesse (grantor) to Joseph Crawford Book C page 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to William Lee Book C page 42
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor) to Evin Toilhunter Book C page 94
  • Crawford John Sr (grantor) to James McDonnel – sale of negro Book C page 131
  • Crawford Joseph (grantor0) to Isaac Deuton book C page 298Book D
  • Crawford John (Grantor) to Isaac Gore) Book D pge 75
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McDonald Book D page 104
  • Crawford Edward (grantor) to John McIver book D page 205
  • Crawford Joseph (Grantee) from Jesse Crawford Book ? 41
  • Crawford Joseph (grantee) from William Path Book D page 83
  • Crawford Edward (grantee) from John McDonald Book D page 110

Image 147

  • Crawford John Sen (grantor) to Simon Hinels Book D page 319

Image 153

  • Crawford Alexander Administrator (grantor) to Oliver P H Harris Book M page 252

Image 155

  • Crawford Alexander (grantee) from Madison Richardson Book P page 160

Image 156

  • Crawford A (grantee) from Thomas Maxwell Book P page 227

I found quite a few Crawford deeds prior to 1865. Now my task is to figure out whether any of them are related to each other or to my Kentucky Crawfords.