Todd to Crawford Deed Fayette County Kentucky

Fayette County, Kentucky County Court, Deed Book B, 1786-1807
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Image 481 – Index C
Crawford Jas Todd [?] D 57

Image 532 – Deed on page 57 – 14 March 1780 Levi Todd and Jane his wife to James Crawford

Page 57

This Indenture made this fourteenth day of Marcy
the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty
between Levi Todd and Jane his wife of the county of
[Fay]ette and Commonwealth of Virginia of the one part and James
[Cra]wford of the aforesaid county and Commonwealth of the other part
[wi]tnesseth that the said Levi Todd and Jane his wife for an
[in] consideration of the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds
[between] them paid have granted bargained and sold and bye these pre-
[sen]ts do grant bargain and sell unto the said James Crawford
[a] certain tract of land on which he now lives, on the waters of
[the] East fork of Hickman being part of said Levi Todds pre-
[em]ption granted him by patent estimated to contain one hun
[dre]d and fifty acres or more or less (a plat of which is hereto an
[nex]ed) bounded as follows, Beginning at a large white oak
[nev]er before cornered for the above mentioned Levi Todds preemp
[tion], running thence North sixty degrees west two hundred and
[twen]ty poles with the heirs of Hugh McNary deceased to a small
[whi]te oak corner about 3 1/2 poles from a small branch and near
[Wa]lnut Hill meeting house : running thence north East one hun
[dre]d and twenty eight poles to a red oak corner and a red oak
[an]d white oak growing from one stock, thence running South
[six]ty degrees East one hundred and sixty five poles to a white
[?] corner thence South twenty degrees West with Daniel Mosebey
[on]e hundred and twenty six poles to the Beginning to have & to
[ho]ld the said tract of land with all its appurtenances unto the
[sai]d James Crawford his heirs and assigns forever to his and
[?] only proper use and behoof. And  the said Levi Todd and
[Ja]ne his wife do for themselves their heirs executors and administrators
[?] covenant and agree with the said James Crawford his heirs
[and] assigns that he or they may at any time and at all times here
[af]ter continue enter in and upon the aforesaid tract of land
[a]nd premises and the same freely and fully and quietly

page 58

and enjoy with all its appurtenances forever, and that the
premises aforesaid are and shall remain free of and from
all former or future gifts grants bargains sales dower judge
ments executions and incumbrances whatsoever by the said
grantees or any other person or persons done or permitted
and also that they do and will warrant and forever defend
the said land and premises from themselves their heirs and
the claim of all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the
said Levi Todd and Jane his wife have hereto set their
hand and seals the day and year above written
Levi Todd (seal)
Jean Todd (seal)
Signed Sealed & acknowledge in presence of
Eli Cleveland
Thos Hall
William McNary


Fayette County March Com 1786
This deed was produced in court proved by
the oaths of Eli Cleveland Thomas Hall and William
McNary subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded
Test Levi Todd Co Com

Fayette County December Court 1804
This indenture of bargain and sale from Levi Todd
and Jean his wife to the late Revd James Crawford was pro
duced in Court and is ordered to be again recorded agreeably
to law the former record having been destroyed by fire
Test David Todd DC