Resurrecting the Old

After a recent query about the old CCC website, I’ve been on a quest to find the old files and get them back on the web. In the process, I’ve discovered a need for

  • a floppy drive – was able to borrow one
  • software to open .epd files (express publisher)
  • software to open .qic files (old backup files)

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the software to access the .epd and .qic files.

Fortunately, most of the old files were in .html format. Thus, I was able to use those old files to re-create the web sites. I elected to use a Google site since it is free and relatively easy to use. In order to get the old files into the new site, I copied the code into the ‘html’ view for each page. This project is still a work in progress, but I have a lot of the old Nemaha County Genealogy Society web site back online.

Within this site, I have included the Civilian Conservation Corps site that was created in 2001 as a student project at Nemaha Valley High School. I am planning to add the files for the other two projects completed at that time: Great Depression and Veterans.

Besides these student projects, I’m hoping to get some of my husband’s work on the web. This would include the 1995 History of Seneca booklet and hopefully the issues of Pioneer Press he wrote along with the Nemaha County cemetery map. (Wish me luck with this! This is the area where I need to find old software and perhaps an old computer.)